Big night on the town...

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Big night on the town... least what passed for a "big night" this time of year in Westhampton Beach before the bulk of the seasonal businesses are open.

Had an excellent repast at MiCole's, and chef Shane is certainly earning his keep with the "Jones boy." Especially good was the calves liver with bacon and onions!

(In the "ol' days," one ordered calves liver with bacon or onions!)

Be advised that it's a little weird walking in there... the interior has been (sensibly) recon­figured to delineate the drinking crowd from the dining clientele. It's a different "look."

On the way out we had a chance to visit with Mark Jones' original restaurant (in Hampton Bays) partner, Jimmy Thomas (a/k/a "JT"), at 270 pounds lighter, virtually unrecognizable.

Thought to hit The Patio for a nightcap, but they were dangling from the ceiling and there was one (1) solitary recognizable face in the joint... and she was herself wondering where "they" had all come from!

Easy call... home before 10:00 pm to file this and hit the pre-warmed sheets with the latest Elmore Leonard novel.

Shoulda done more of that in those "ol' days."


1. Jim Cordo said...

Out 'til 10 pm? Wow, don't hurt yourself.

Jeez Louise, Jimbo, if you can still do what we did 35 years ago, I sure can't and don't even try!
– Dean

2. Jim Cordo said...

No way, Dean. I am truly impressed with 10 pm.

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