April Village Board Meeting

Thursday, April 07, 2011

April Village Board Meeting

Considering that it was the annual budget hearing, it went quickly and smoothly, and was over in less than 50 minutes.

A tax rate increase of 5% was approved with­out opposition or public comment save a brief one from the as yet sole declared Village Board candidate1 this year who complimented Mayor Conrad Teller for his traditional thriftiness, but noted that a greater savings could be realized by cutting the Public Safety Dispatcher line2.

Otherwise, no one had anything to say.

In other items on the agenda, a new Sign Or­dinance (§197-30) shepherded by Deputy Mayor Toni-Jo Birk, was passed, 5-0, as were Local Laws amending the Coastal Erosion Haz­ard Law (§74-4) and require­ments for Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (§197-42.1).

Various resolutions were passed, including the appointment of Inspectors from the Board of Elections to oversee the Village Election on June 17th, authorized the re-acquisition of a parcel of land on Mickey's Way from Habitat for Humanity, appointed two new Beach managers at $20/hour with a 40 hour cap, and set a fee of $225 for the use of Rogers Beach for a wed­ding in May involving two non-residents.

A number of permits for Outdoor Dining and Outdoor Music were approved, although one (MiCole's) was referred to the Planning Board as a first-time applicant.

Following that spate of votes... all 5-0... Trus­tee Hank Tucker voluntarily disclosed that he did business with some of those appli­cants. In turn, Village Attorney Richard Haefeli informed him that in this instance, such a dis­closure was not required.

(Also, a Public Hearing on amend­ing the Village Code of Ethics was scheduled for May's Village Board meeting.)

In a matter unrelated to the new Sign Code, guidelines for use (by non-profit organizations) of the two Village "billboards" on Montauk Highway and on Old Riverhead Road, and fees were established.

There being no other business before the Village Board, the meeting was adjourned.

  1. Disclosure: that would be me.
  2. Discussed in fuller detail here.


1. Beachgirl978 said...

So Trustee Tucker was worried whether he had an ethics violation for approving applications of vendors he does business with? That seems incredible since he had no problem with accepting the endorsement of the Westhampton Beach PBA, who spent $$ mailing out a letter endorsing him for Mayor last year. Totally unethical since the PBA contract had expired and he would be negotiating and approving a new PBA contract. I am glad the voters realized it!

I don't think Trustee Tucker even knew the word "disclosure" 'til he saw it in recent OtBB entries. Man hasn't had an original concept in the four years he's been on the Village Board.

(Disclosure: The blogger [me] will be challenging Tucker for a Trustee seat on the Village Board in June.)

– Dean

2. Specialist said...


My friend in the PBA was telling me that the letter you are talking about was written by a select few in the PBA. He also said that most in the PBA had no idea about the letter and it was sent out without the members knowing about it. I asked him who wrote it and he would only say the same guys who are in charge of the PBA now.

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