Nice to see...

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Nice to see...

...even if it is a single paragraph on page 2 of today's Southampton Press Western Edition.

I have no idea of who the man is or if he re­quested it, only that his acquittal on DWI charges... in Quogue, no less!... made the local paper.

(Since the trial ended March 22nd, I sus­pect that it was he raised the issue)

Usually, the only "news" reported is the arrest.


1. Clarity said...

Dean, this was his 3rd DWI, and let's not forget Linda K. These things are lost on technical nonsense all the time.

My point was it's uncommon to see such a notice... arrests, always! Convictions, usually. Acquittals and dismissals, almost never... unless the person involved has a fairly high profile. And of course, Linda Kabot was a "citizen" of a different stripe.

"Technical nonsense?" Perhaps the police require more training.

And again, for the record, I do not know the individual involved, nor do I have any information regarding any prior contacts of any sort with law enforcement. I would think that if the person was that notorious an impair driver, whoever stopped him would take extra care to make sure that there was be no "Technical nonsense" in play.

2. Clarity said...

Jus' saying I've seen his name in the papers before!! "Third" might not be accurate.

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