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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

This is horsepucky the earthy but expurgated language of "Colonel Sherman Tecumseh Potter."

Stevens Lane

Suffolk Country dropped this inconvenient bomb on Westhampton Beach last Friday with­out discussion or prior notice!

This is not likely to be as disruptive to Village residents and visitors as were the closings of the bridges on Jessup and Beach Lanes during separate periods in the '80s, as those were ac­cess points to the barrier beach.

But if there was anything learned from those two projects, each went at least six months past their scheduled re-opening dates, and both were closed for two full Summers!

The planning whizzes in Hauppauge for the most part have little concept of the importance of seasons to the East End, and now they've chosen to take the Stevens Lane Bridge out of service from May 2nd to August 1st... and that's if the project is completed on time!

(Any bets on the likelihood of that?)

Regular vehicular traffic over that route will be left with the option of Main Street (in the Sum­mer) or Dune Road (in the Summer).

Boating traffic on Moniebogue Canal will be affected as well, likely for the entire period of razing and reconstruction.

Consideration should also be given to those (mostly seasonal) residents of Harbor House, Westhampton Landings and East Division Street, plus those living aboard their craft in the Municipal Marina... all that concrete means jack-hammers!

(How many of the latter will be requesting refunds on the transient slip fees?)

It's gonna be an Excedrin Summer for a lot of people!

Someone from the Suffolk County Department of Public Works needs to sit down with the Village Board and work out an alternative plan.


1. PeterR said...

Someone at Suffolk County DPW needs to be fired, and then his or her replacement can meet with the Village Board to work out an alternative plan!

Public Works? NOT!

P.S. -- perhaps curious reporters might look into the personal relationships behind this contract and the S.C. DPW, and the timing? Who needed the money now thereby interrupting Westhampton Beach traffic for the entire Summer (and hopefully not through the Summer of 2012)?

Not that things like this haven't gone on in the past, but I think that's a little over-the-top at this point.

2. Michael Jacobs said...

This plan to close a significant alternative route around Main Street during the most crowded period of time in our Village is beyond ridiculous. Why May through August? And, Dean, you're most likely correct in your suspicion that it will not be completed on time. Can someonw get the ear of the powers that be in Suffolk County and suggest a post Labor Day start?

My information is that the Village has had a call into Suffolk County Department of Public Works since Monday, which has yet to be returned. Gil Anderson doesn't want to talk to the media, and he apparently doesn't want to talk to Mayor Teller!

3. Rob F. said...

There are often weather-related reasons for scheduling highway construction. The bid notice said that the job entailed "Repairs to Concrete Encasement of Structural Members; Concrete Crack and Spall Repair; Driving Steel Sheeting; Sidewalk; Curb and Asphalt Repair." They were probably looking to do the job during a continuous period when there was no chance of sub-freezing temperatures, which is not good for concrete pours or laying asphalt.

Perhaps a call to County's Chief Engineer at the DPW (which bid the job) may explain the timing.

Br'er Overton and I are of the same mind on this... since the head of the DPW isn't being communicative on this matter, the next step should be our County Legislator.
– Dean

4. Ray Overton said...

Unfortunately, coordination with SC on any level is a one way street. Whenever I see things like this, I can only think of Gallagher's old comedy skit on "Ignorance and Stupidity." Jay better get off the dime on this one.

Exactly my thinking! And in an election year, too... his, not mine.

5. PeterR said...

$239,925 bid (per 27East) for this scope of work which is going to take three months?


Are one or two zeros missing on this reported bid?

It would be difficult to move the heavy equipment into the job, get set up, then clean up and remove it, for 239k [actual work not included!].

Seriously, is anyone buying this budget (assuming 27East reporting was accurate)?

Wake up!

I saw your Comment(s) on 27East, Peter, and while this may be your issue, it's not mine. I'm more interested in the timing, and time-frame, of the project.

6. PeterR said...

Blinders noted.

'Tain't "blinders" at all, Peter. I was trying to be polite about your "cross-posting" here and on 27East. Choose one, okay!

7. PeterR said...

"Cross-posting" in this Internet era is a thing of the past. If you are serious about this "rule," I will stop posting here.

Please advise.

PS -- as if many other posters here don't "cross-post."

You can't be serious!

What are we, in nursery school? "Mommy, mommy, he did it so I should be able to do it, too?"

"Cross-posting" is simply poor form, and a variation of spamming. I don't care what others do, my blog, my rules! Nap-time, Peter, but thank you for your previous participation.
– Dean

8. Clarity said...

I think somebody just got a spankin'!

Mr. R, for reasons best known to himself, has opted for the "time-out" option.

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