The Killing: Twin Peaks Redux

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Killing: Twin Peaks Redux

I have yet to forgive Cable AMC for canceling the thought-provoking "Rubicon" after just one season, so I am reluctant to get involved with another of their "original" series.

But I may have just made an exception with "The Killing" which launched Sunday evening with back-to-back hour-long episodes.

There's a hedge here, though... as the quote marks in the first paragraph suggest: it's no more original than any remake!

By AMC's own admission, its new series...

" based on the wildly successful Danish television series Forbrydelsen..."

...which debuted in Scandinavia in 2007.

More than just adapting a Danish TV show for North America, this filmed-in-Vancouver, set-in-sister-city-of-Seattle show, borrows much from ABC's 1990-91 series, "Twin Peaks.."

Yes, the basis for each series is the solving for the murder of a teenage girl... "Laura Palmer" then, "Rosie Larsen" now... but there are more marked similarities.

While not as hauntingly memorable as Angelo Badala­menti's score for the earlier series, the current one also makes effective use of base notes in a reminiscent way.

And even more flagrant is the shot where the mother (Grace Zabriskie then, Michelle Forbes now) of the murdered girl learns by telephone of her daughter's death: it's a direct quote from the original series.

It's not a coincidence... there are other refer­ence points as well.

That aside, the first two hours of "The Killing" hooked me in enough that I want to see more.

Of particular interest are the lead detectives: homely "Sarah Linden" played by Mireille Enos, late of HBO's "Big Love," and edgy "Stephen Holder" (Joel Kinnaman).

So, AMC, I'm in... for now.


1. Hampton West said...

I'll check it out. You can watch the first two episodes on the AMC web site.

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