The '80s are certainly over!

Monday, April 04, 2011

The '80s are certainly over!

There's something seriously wrong here, with "here" being downtown Westhampton Beach on a Sunday evening in early April!

Jeanne and I went out for an early dinner last evening, eating uptown at Finn McCool's...

(So-so meal, but what's going on there?)

...then headed to Main Street for a nightcap.

Talk about rollin' up the sidewalks! It wasn't even 9:00 pm, The Patio was dark, as was everything else except Pleasant Ave Cafe.

And the only reason that was open was 'cause both Dee and Lenny were too plotz'd after their dinner crowd to get up, lock the door and turn off the lights.

So we were able to have that nightcap and some good conversation, and were home before 10:00 pm for the end of the Giants-Dodgers game!

It wasn't all that long ago that the late Joe Rhodie was complaining that Westhampton Beach had become too "honky-tonk."

He should see it now... I don't know whether he'd smile or weep.


1. John Roland said...

He would weep Dean, he would weep.

2. EastEnd68 said...

Hopefully the re-opening of Magic's is the start of reversing the current condition of Main Street.

Well, strictly speaking, it's the opening of a retail liquor establishment where Magic's/Shotwell's once stood.

But the other positive in this activity so far is that there'll be (temporarily, at least) one less real estate office in the downtown area... something even all the other real estate businesses support!

3. Hampton West said...


What is the vacancy rate in the Village either by establishment or square footage? Look at North Mall and the strip along Old Riverhead Road. Pastor is vacant on the Old Montauk Highway, its like a growing ghost town. Is it poor business climate or rents that are too high, or over-supply or what?

I daresay the economy has a great deal to do with it. and, I've thought that rents were too high as well, but people kept paying them so what did I know?

The drum beats tell me that there may be something underway with the former Pastor Chevrolet site, something that makes a lot of sense. That's the second part of a two-pronged plan, though, and the first part is gonna be a toughie.

4. Shepard M. Scheinberg said...

I was dismayed at your attitude that it is a "positive" thing that a real estate office has closed in the downtown area. That real estate agency was an independent business that was started over 30 years ago and maintained by two consecutive owners. It is a sad commentary that such a business (lo a real estate establishment) was forced to close. Its closing should not be something to celebrate.

And there we differ.

To clarify a point: the business did not "close," Shep, it merged (or consolidated) with another Main Street real estate brokerage.

And by closing that "location," it opens up an opportunity for a retailer to "set up shop" there. I think that's very positive scenario. The downtown area (B1 District) should be retail shops, and I know more than one Village administration which has rued the lack of planning foresight in decades past which would have put the real estate offices on Montauk Highway.

And remember, Shep, that location was home to the original Hampton Stationery (retail) before the present location was built next door, and Gene Beneduce (real estate) took it over.
– Dean

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