Walkin' 'n' Talkin'...

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Walkin' 'n' Talkin'...

Aspatuck Party 2011

...and gettin' signatures on my Nominating Petition this afternoon.

(Disclosure: The writer [me] is challenging for a Trustee seat in the Village Board in June.)

Today was an especially nice day to be doing it... not shirt-sleeves weather yet, but sunny and mild and just a good day to be outdoors, talking with people about what they care about in Westhampton Beach.

Not much new there: one is property taxes, another is "what's happening with the Police Department?," and some ask about the eruv.

In order:

  1. Not much to address there since I'm not running for the School Board and Westhampton Free Library is a whole separate taxing district!
  2. Disciplinary Hearings are still being held, and one of the suspended-with-pay officers (Michael Bruetsch) is stalling until he can vest his 15 years and retire unscathed.

    The Police Chief's salary? He's still working on his old contract, he's be­ing allowed to do his job again, and the moment he doesn't, he should be canned.
  3. What eruv? There's no such applica­tion before the Village, and hasn't been for almost three years!

    And while the E³A people have been sabre-rattling and making strident noises about a big bucks lawsuit, they've got no shot and they know it!

    Westhampton Beach should be re­moved as a defendant from the E³A action immediately if not sooner.

Some ask what it is that I most care about in Westhampton Beach, and I won't even talk about "preserving our way of life," because, candidly, that "way of life" is long gone.

('Though I certainly remember Thurston Raynor's cows grazing on the great lawn, most would think I was referencing a character on "Gilligan's Island.")

But I would like to see some costs cut in the budget that Mayor Conrad Teller is unveiling this week, one being the Police Dispatchers, a duplicated effort since Southamp­ton Town al­ready covers that with its 9-1-1 system.

(One who should be retained, as a Police Administrative Aide, would be Jeff Frano, who actually does his job... at half-the-cost!)

A bigger tax reduction is available in another area, but right now its feasibility hinges on a long-overdue report by a certain under-staffed New York State Commission.

Stay tuned, and don't miss the April Village Board meeting this Thursday evening.


1. Old Part-timer said...

Hey Candidate! What's your beef with Chief Ray Dean. All he's done is work his ass off for this Village! What's up?

How do you figure I have a beef with the Chief? I don't.

I felt he was doing a good job 'til others started interfering with his prerogatives as the Chief! Note that shortly after that was allowed to happen, things started going backwards.

For the past nine months, he's in charge again as the professional law enforcement administrator he was originally hired to be. There's still things to address, and I believe that they are progressing as fast as the law allows.

If you're referencing the part about "the moment he doesn't (do his job), he should be canned," read the whole thing. I'd say the same about anyone in the employ of the Village. Take the money, do the job! Can't or won't do the job, you're outta here! (As they did with the head Beach job last year... it's not a paid tanning position.) In this economy, there's no room for feather-bedders.

Hope that clarifies things for you.
– Dean

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