Just to make it official...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just to make it official...

...I am running for Westhampton Beach Village Board on June 17th, and my nominat­ing petitions will be circulated starting tomor­row, Friday, April 1st.

(I'd wait 'til then to make the formal an­nouncement, but I don't want anyone to think this might be a prank.)

campaign graphic

As one may discern from the photo, consider­able thought went into this dating back to this past Winter.

Mrs. Speir has been urging me in this matter for some months now, and while my traditional response to her has been "Yes, dear," it wasn't 'til after this month's Village Board meeting that the skillet went on the front burner.

Mayor Conrad Teller and Trustees Toni-Jo Birk and Sue Farrell, the three Board members who won last June, formally asked me to run, and after final consultation at home, I agreed.

As in 2007, I'll be running "solo" since the only three Villagers with whom I'd consider stand­ing, are re­luctant to return to elected office.

"Vote for Dean Speir" button

And again, I'll be on the Aspatuck Party line.

Your signature on my nominating petition will be appreciated.

Your vote June 17 even more so.

Thank you for your consideration.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

Yes, dear…

2. Hunt Marckwald said...

Best of luck, Dean. Sorry that I can't vote (although that hasn't stopped others in the past)!

3. Oldtimer said...

Count on me!!!!

I will, I do, and if your entire family gets behind me, it's all over but the cheering.

4. John Roland said...

Go get 'em, Dean. I hope you have better luck than I did. The Village would be fortunate to have you as a Trustee. I sincerely hope they realize that. Again, good luck.

Thank you, Johnny... I hope I have better luck than I did!

But "luck" comes to those who prepare, and this time out, I feel better prepared.

5. Bob Schunk said...

Hi Dean, I would be most supportive of you as a candidate for Village office. Where do I sign?

On the dotted line! See ya soon....

6. Joyce L. Donneson said...

Hey Dean: I am in the same non-voting position as Hunt; however that won't stop us being your cheerleaders!

I am warmed by such support! Thank you.

7. Watching Them said...

If you get elected... who am I gonna watch!!!!

Good Luck and thanks for all you do.

Wanna something to watch? When I get elected, watch my stuff! This might be something I've trained for, for the past 30 years!

8. Tugboat Bertha said...

We are on your team and your cheering section, and we can vote in the Village. And we will.

My heart is warmed, my campaign now has the strength of many, and the Village will be even safer from the Philistines.

9. Dune Mind said...

You GO, my man. La Dune is thrilled for you and the Village.

10. Barbara+Ramsay said...

Another person who can no longer vote in the Village but wishes you great success. You are the man for the job. Go get'em tiger!

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