Like no one will notice...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Like no one will notice...

...on the "Letters" page of this morning's Southampton Press Western Edition that there's some decidedly Democratic action underway!

If one takes the words of Hank Beck, George Lynch and John Bouvier to heart, Southampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst should be FedEx'd to our Nation's Capital to take over as Director of the Office of Management and Budget, so masterful is her fiscal acumen and superior her management skills.

(Particularly in the face of those diabol­ically obstructionist Republicans!)

Just how "organized" the letter-writing cam­paign is, is not known, but someone inside the clubhouse proposes, and the faithful depose.

But one thing that group has never quite gotten the hang of, is subtlety.

(Pssst, Hank! Draft some lesser knowns to sign those letters instead of "the usual suspects." The Town Democratic party's postage costs will go farther.)

Elsewhere on the "Letters" page, Junior Heaney is crying... literally, I mean we're talkin' lip-quivering and blubbering like a li'l kid... foul that readers of 27East can not like him without having to sign their real name.

O, well... that's the Internet for ya!


1. Hampton West said...

Anna got lucky in the fact that the housing market picked up and the early retirement plan was initiated which saved a fair amount of cash. She also benefited to a lesser degree from cuts Ms. Kabot initiated (including the appontment of Ms. Wright). I don't think there was any great financial acumen here, but it did happen on her watch so give her credit.

I know... I was jus' having some fun with those who I used to characterize as "the Death Wish Democrats" because while they are now better organized and have some wins under their organizational belt, are still minor leaguers playing in "the Bigs."

It helps that the quality of play at the Major League level has deteriorated considerably... good for them as a political organization, bad for us as residents and tax-payers.

2. Jeanne Speir said...

What's going on? Has Skip Heaney been taking waterworks lessons from John Boehner, Republican Speaker of the House, in cue crying? What's up with these fellas?

If ATH or Hillary tried that... what is that phrase? "MAN UP!"

[sigh] I'm pleased to see that at least on the issue of Junior Heaney, this is not a divided house.

3. David Willmott, Jr. said...

Didn't Hillary sucessfully try and then in true Clintonesque form deny, welling up on camera in the run up to the New Hampshire primary? Or did I just misremember all the pundits talking about her finally showing a human side as reason for her then surprise victory in the Granite State? Of course that being the very next day after the same pundits also were consigning her to the fate as Edmund Muskee for the same offense.

The Heaney loyalist to the end, Dave?

4. Jeanne Speir said...

I rest my case.

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