Memo to Charlie Benkov

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Memo to Charlie Benkov

Remember when you wrote on your Facebook page last Winter after your old friend Julie asked "what's going on with your job:"

"its going...going...most likely gone, soon..trying to get on a better job, better environment, more potential for progres­sive change. Dead in the water at current spot. Waiting on a call......"

Ya shoulda let it go at that!

But noooooooooooooooooooo!

You had to then go and post that your former boss is afflicted with "NPD."

("Narcissistic Personality Disorder?" Real­ly, Charlie? All along we thought that you were just reading the tabloids and work­ing at solving the daily Jumble, safe from intrusion by the surveillance camera you asked to have deactivated!)

Now you don't work as a Dispatcher for West­hampton Beach any longer, and as Chief Dean is no longer your boss, you may feel he is fair game for your ill-tempered comments.

And yes I understand that you're irked that you had to take a major salary cut in order to hook on with the Sheriff's Department.

But if you're genuinely looking for "progressive change" and "better environment," it's not the best idea to be scrawling things about an old boss when you are in the employ of profes­sional friends of his.

It might even be considered "career limiting."

Jus' sayin'.

Let's get back to that "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" thing... wasn't aware you've been working on a degree in psycho-babble as well.

But I gotta give you props for your new job description: "Com­munications Specialist." That definitely is progressive, a big step up from "Radio Dispatcher."

It's actually something the Village might like to look into... do away with the Dispatchers entirely, and have a genuine Communications Specialist instead.

And I know just the young fellow for the job.


1. Charlie said...

Amazing! You can't let it... or me just go! IF Dean Speir's Facebook page were the last remaining piece of media on planet Earth, I would gladly pluck out my own eyes before letting them be set afire should they chance upon your repulsive profile. Why one would want to review the tete-a-tete twixt you and your misguided Jonestown flunkies will remain an enigma never to be solved. Yet, here I am responding to another in a long line of cyber barbs directed at me from the jaundiced desk of Waldo Lydecker... an admission: (love to run into you real time Sparky, when you can't hide behind your keyboard and monitor). Again, a friend brought your renewed attack on me to my attention (friend: a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard): definition supplied as I am certain you are naive in your opinion as to who are truly your "friends." Which brings me back to my Jonestown reference; much like those poor Kool-Aid drinking lemmings, it is mind boggling how aligned you are with the Village leaders. I can tell you this as I dually eye and ear witnessed the events; both Chiefs, current and prior, whence they would spy your ancient form about to darken the doorstep of the PD, uttered the following: "Charlie, tell him I'm not here." Perhaps the best deicision{sic} either have ever made. Neither have any fondness for you, but they do use you to their ends. Geez, can't anyone give you a life? Do you have so much time on your hands, only to use it perusing my Facebook page OMG! Dean, check your feelings, do you secretly fantasize about me, perhaps some type of nocturnal emission results? That's it! You're just looking for friendship and are stalking me! Sorry Dude, I'd rather contract a roaring case of herpes than have vermin i.e. you on my FB Friend's list. Finally, just two more matters I'd like to bring to your attention: 1) I was famously idle at the WHBPD desk due to the fact that I had all my usual duties taken away from me and given to others to exacerbate the appearance of my being a loafer; as you are aware I am sure, Ray and I did not do lunch together often. At my new job, I am extremely busy and delighted to be so. It makes the day/night fly by and I'm finally able to employ my rather impressive skills. 2) Even a lowly radio dispatcher (your opinion not mine) can employ his/her intellect and come up with a spot-on NPD diagnoses; if you could stop rooting around in the collective Village father's{sic} derriere's for a moment, try I know it's tough, and review the definition, you may find you have something far more topical to blather about in your blog... then perhaps those diminishing "comments," especially where the PD's inner troubles are concerned, won't be accompanied by the unbiqitous{sic} (to the WHBQT blog at least) chirpping crickets soundtrack.

Always good to hear from your, Charlie, carrying on the tradition of the late Leo Gorcy by murdering the Kings' English.

2. Joey said...

Score one for Bencov{sic}! But i{sic} am sure you print this.

These are your people, Charlie....

3. Clarity said...

Hey Charlie, how's 30 grand less treating you?? Don't go away mad, just go away!

He did... but then he didn't have much choice in the matter.

4. Who Said That?! said...

Per today's Southampton Press, the name is actually "Shirley Benkov."

Uh oh... took me a moment but then I checked and you're correct.

You'll have to forgive Jean-Paul Salamanca; he's the new guy on the Village beat, and he can't tell the players without a scorecard.

Charlie'll probably take that personally.
– Dean

5. Joey said...


Oh{sic} oracle of what is right and true in WHB. Sticking those dirty fingers in the Happy Hour Blue Cheese that accompanied the Choo Choo wings at Magic's (you were the KING of the double dip) still brings a roar of laughter and disgust to many locals (that actually smile to your face). Judge youself before judging others... PS, I, strangly{sic} enough, will actually vote for you. 0h add a (sic) please to make me feel, you know, beneeath{sic} you. Thanks!

Done! And it's nothing to do with "beneath" me, only to let others know that it's in the original, and not my doing. I make enough flubs on my own without having to take credit for anyone else's.

You were offered the opportunity to revise... you decided not to make the effort. [shrug]

Thank you for your offer of support on Election Day... try not to knock me out of the box before I get there, okay? Everyone has parts of their past they shudder to remember.
– Dean

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