The Village v. the Eruv, Take 2

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Village v. the Eruv, Take 2

There were some parts of Wednesday night's "The Daily Show" which have been niggling at me, and now that one has been addressed, it raises an even greater question.

The one-on-one interview between "correspon­dent" Wyatt Cenac and Main Street business­man Charles Gottesman, didn't have the same "look" or visual texture, as the rest of the five-minute "The Thin Jew Line" skit.


Well, now we know why.

"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" flew a crew, without Jon Stewart down to Florida just to interview (some would say "ambush") Charles at his Winter home in Boca Raton.

A wide range of critiques of the segment are still coming in:

"This piece was brilliant."
"What was with that ridiculous costume on Cenac. It's not funny. All it really does is draw attention to how racist (and classist) the crew/Cenac was expecting the town to be."
"This is absolute blarney! Boundaries indeed!"

Yes, they're talking about Westhampton Beach again, and the "reviews" are definitely mixed... for "The Daily Show" as well as the Village.


1. Rich said...

The entire issue, should be a non-issue. Government micro-management created the controversy. Notwithstanding the reason for the existence of the Eruv, the decision to allow this "imaginary fence" should decided by the owners of the properties where the boundry markers are to be posted. Government involvement assigns more importance to a simple issue than is warranted. Consequently should permission for the "Eruv" be granted, more weight is assigned to that decision, weight that may be used at a later date to bludgeon opposition to something that's legitimately important.

You're so full of blather about all these issues you assert that you are delighted to leave behind, you overlook some of the basics, likely through ignorance... which doesn't stop your pontifications, of course.

Here's a crash course: the devices which create the eruv are called lechis. They may be constructed from a variety of materials, and are attached to utility poles. The utility poles are placed on municipal (another word for "Government") property under a agreement between the utility (LIPA, Verizon, etc.) and the municipality. Got it so far?

The agreement is between the utility and the municipality. The permission is currently being sought by the E³A from the utilities and the political subdivisions of Southampton Town and Quogue Village. Note that I did not list Village of Westhampton Beach there, because Westhampton Beach has no application before it for anything eruv-related.

So you see, Rich, "the owners of the properties where the boundary markers are to be posted" is the government, and are, of necessity, involved!

So, do some more homework before getting back to us.
– Dean

2. Rich said...

Pontification? Ha ha, talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I stand by my pontificating. Will this lechis be constructed of a hazardous material? Surely not. Will it "stick out" more than the poles do themselves? Does LIPA object to the placement? Probably not and if they can profit from its placement, all the better. Hey folks, next time your dog or cat goes missing be sure to seek government approval before you plaster the local utility poles with LOST Dog signs. You don't want to run afoul of the authorities. It's not about ignorance Dean. Its about whether or not one buys into the system of every facet of every action being scutinized and submitted for approval or denial. It's about control, a system you evidently whole heartedly buy into considering your intention of procuring a Trustee seat. The perfect position to immerse oneself in the minutiae of every action and its cause and effect.

My blog, my choices, my opinions... got a problem with that, take a lead from Lazarus and pass by.

While I discourse on a wide variety of subjects, OtBB's primary focus is on local issues. You have defiantly tossed in the towel, and left the area in your rear view mirror. Keep it that way. Want a pulpit from which to bitch about Westhampton Beach, try somewhere else. On my blog, you've abrogated that right!
– Dean

3. Rich said...

Yes indeed, your blog, your decisions. I can certainly respect that .My hope was to create a Lazurus-like resurrection of my presence to give hope to those seeking insurrection. It's not Westhampton Beach specifically I object to, to the contrary I have many fond memories of WHB. Incidentally all of my towels are still neatly folded in my linen closet, where they belong.

4. Frank Wheeler said...

Yea!, let's hear it for insurrection!

When I was younger, I always thought that was a great idea, especially when Ray-gun became President. Then I realized that he was not only Right, but right as well! It was a systemic shock!

Yeah, and I remember when Bob Dylan advised not to trust anyone over 30.

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