Biting the hand that fed him...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Biting the hand that fed him... well for over 20 years, former Village Trustee Jim Kametler, according to multiple sources, has this month been floating the idea of abolishing the West­hampton Beach Police Department.

"He said it would reduce our taxes," one busi­nessman told OtBB, "but I asked other police I know, both here and in the Town, and it seems to be about something else."

Before his successful bid for a seat on the Village Board in 2004, Kametler had been a Police Officer until his 2003 resignation one-step ahead of possible termination.

No Kametler

A disciplinary report had just been issued which, for a second time, caused him to be docked five days of accrued Sick Leave, and formal charges were once again pending.

What has occasioned his current initiative is unknown, but it's a safe bet that his long-standing animus for Chief Ray Dean has a great deal to do with it.

(When Dean transferred from Southamp­ton Town PD in 1999 as the presumptive Chief-in-waiting, Kametler begged to be promoted to Detective, and has never forgiven his one-time friend for passing him over for the plain clothes position.)

Another safe bet is that Kametler has no ink­ling of the I&R process, so someone else may have put him up to this.

(Say, is that you, Junior, lurking in the eel grass, readying for another run?)

"Vote for Dean Speir" button

(Disclosure: The writer [me] is chal­lenging for a seat on the Village Board in June, and dissolution of the Police Department is not part of my agenda.)

Reports from Six Corners are that the rank 'n' file of the Police Department were caught by surprise by Kametler's actions.

Contacted by a former fellow officer, Kametler was full of denials... but then there was this item from three years ago:

"Mr. Kametler ... initially denied that he was ever questioned by the DA's office and, after being told that The Press had obtained a copy of the police report ... claimed that the opossum was 'rabid.'"

And of course he denied that 24 Oak Street was being operated as an unlicensed Bed & Breakfast, too.

Credibility, Jim, credibility!

Further Disclosure

In an April 2010 blog entry, "It is with reluctance...," I wrote:

"...I now find myself joining the growing number of voices calling for the dissolution of the [Village] Police Department."

...and proceeded to explain why.

I no longer take that point of view, and the biggest reason had to do with the results of last June's Village Elections.

Things changed... and so too has my thinking on the matter.


1. Guy said...

It was told to me by the Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons that there has not been a report of an actual rabid raccoon on Long Island in well over twenty years. Any of you can check this info yourself, but the reasoning is that we are separated from the mainland where rabies is a rampant problem in the raccoon population. FYI; yet I do believe it is still the protocol for police and animal control, for injured raccoons, to put them down.

Well, after being (finally) shot by a .38 caliber round, any animal would be injured, too!
– Dean

2. Guy said...

Many injured animals should be humanely put down; possums, raccoons... VTs, PDs, etc.....

No argument... but are you saying that Jim Kametler's method was appropriate to the situation?

Remember, all anyone knew about that particular 'possum was that it had apparently alarmed the neighbor's young daughter by appearing on their porch, and that following anywhere from three (Kametler's excited utterance at a Village meeting several years later) to five (contemporaneous report) rounds at close range, there was no corpus delecti and only a blood trail.

I submit that this is neither "humane" nor intelligent.
– Dean

3. Guy said...


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