Greater clarity regarding...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Greater clarity regarding...

...The Daily Show's pre-conception of Westhampton Beach and "The Hamptons" in general, is seen in the photos The Press' Neil Salvaggio took during their January 31st visit.

They were mounted on 27East yesterday afternoon, and show "correspondent" Wyatt Cenac dressed in what someone thought was typical garb for a Hamptonite.

Detail of Salvaggio photo. Click for entire series.

O for the love of Mortimer Cobb!

A yachting cap, what passes for "boat shoes," and a white suit that Jay Sears would never wear!

(And after Labor Day, yet!)

The outfit wasn't much on display in the footage which first aired Wednesday evening, but Neil's images make it clear that The Daily Show's whole attitude was dis­missive of the area from the start.

All in the name of satire, of course.


1. Eliza Doolittle said...

I loved the comment "the word Eruv comes from the Hebrew word for 'Loophole'!"


I concur... that was one of the little elements that some either missed or chose to ignore.

2. Seeker said...

I wonder - did occasional visitor Adam Sandler put Stewart up to this segment?

The ol' "comedy connection," eh?

I wouldn't know, but Stewart wasn't an active participant in that segment... he just introduced it.

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