There it is again!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

There it is again!

Local Patch Editrix Erica Jackson has a re­markable knack for what retired Southampton Press Publisher tirelessly demanded of his reportorial staff: "copy flow."

Witness this, filed early this afternoon:

The Daily Show Spoofs Eruv Proposal in Westhampton Beach

Displaying her nose-for-news, she interviewed media strategist Hank Sheinkoph, an EłA member and spokesperson who spoke for the record, calling The Daily Show's skit...

"...a wonderful thing. It makes the oppo­sition look ridiculous and they are ridicu­lous."

And here's the "again" part:

"John Stewart knows what the elected officials have not yet figured out — and maybe after they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the lawsuit, the taxpayers will understand too."

The big bucks bomb! The scorched Village approach. Lay waste to the Village Treasury?

These are the perambulator-pushers who ask to be a part of the community?



1. Who Said That?! said...

Nobody noticed that the eruv gang looked pretty ridiculous also???

I did. but on balance, the anti-eruvians came off the worst.

But while Jeff Weisenfeld was identified as a "Hampton Synagogue member," it was never made clear whether he was pro-eruv, or even if he was Orthodox.

2. Hunt Marckwald said...

These people may be living here, but "...part of community," I doubt.

"These people?" Careful, Hunt!

I think one of the Orthodox arguments for an eruv has been that it would allow the observant a greater opportunity to interact with the surrounding community.

3. Shepard M. Scheinberg said...

At least Mr. Marchwald didn't call my Orthodox brothers and sisters, "Those people."

He might as well have.

You realize that this will send Hunt off on a tirade about language pedantry and "political correctitude."

4. Hunt Marckwald said...

No tirade, however a sincere Mea Culpa for the very poor choice of words on my part.

Good... you may have staved off the appearane of a JDL "wet team" on you doorstep. "These people" are playing hardball in case you haven't noticed.

5. Rich said...

These people, those people, yada, yada. The last time, perhaps the only time human communications were straight foward was when language consisted of grunts and growls. Linguistic license and semantic dodges allow for all manner of disingenuousness. Adherents of orthodox religions in general don't seem interested in "interacting" in the community. Historical perspective suggests their actual purpose is achieving control and conversion. Code words and language "interpretation" are tools used not to combat differing opinions but to stifle dissent. Label someone a bigot and avoid the real issue at hand. That's the strategy. This is no revelation, everyone knows it, yet inexplicably allows it to continue. If JDL or anyone else wants to play that tired old game because of "these people" being used, so be it. Somebody please show some backbone. Better to be falsely accused of being a bigot than confirmimg your cowardice.

Sooooooo... what are you really trying to say?

6. WHB Life said...

Sorry Shep, we all know he meant "Those People." Just saying....

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