The Village v. the Eruv

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Village v. the Eruv

...was centerstage on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" last night.

And boy!, did Westhampton Beach look silly!

The 30-minute show (cable channels 50/768), will be reprised three times today: at 9:30 am, 12:45 and 7:00 pm. The Eruv segment is around the nine minute mark, just after the first commercial break.

With establishing footage borrowed from News12LI and quick shots of Arnie Sheifer and Jim Flood, "correspondent" Wyatt Cenac gets into his "interviews" with Hampton Synagogue member Jeff Weisenfeld and Main Street shop-keeper Charles Gottesman.

Using smatterings of "canned laughter," clever editing and reverse angle reaction shots com­plete with mugging by Cenac, the segment makes fun of both sides, but makes Gottesman look especially inane.

(Why a 73-year-old openly gay Jewish grandfather and part-time area resident was chosen to represent the anti-Eruvian populace is unknown.)

By the end, Westhampton Beach had had the mickey taken out of it, and there's probably a whole bunch of people on every side of the issue who are praying that the eruv doesn't re-surface during this year's election campaign,

(Just the Eruv segment is also on-line.)


1. Coach K said...

Why does the fact that someone is "openly gay" matter, Mr. Candidate?

Why would you extract that element of the full description to focus on, Mr. Coach?

What are you suggesting?

2. Barbara Ramsay said...

Love the eruv hat.

I thought it was silly (as was much of the "skit"), but it does make a satirical point.

3. Jeanne Speir said...

I thought Charles sounded smoothly articulate and looked good on camera, Coach. (I thought the street shots were really pretty, too.)

Me? I woud have chosen to interview the Married-to-Florence, anti-eruvian, un-gay (as we stray for some unknown reason into boudoirs) Main Street T-Shirt-meister Jim Flood. I think he's droll, cute and articulate. He deserved more time than the cameo head shot.

I thought the segment deservedly poked fun at both sides of the issue. But there's no such thing as "bad" publicity, is there.smiley

Charles Gottesman always looks good... elegant, even. And yes, Jim Flood would have been delightfully droll... he would have been more organically amusing than Cenac who had to pull faces and use silly props... but if they wanted "lively TV," they would have gone for Florence Flood.

What I would like to see is the unedited footage, without the reverse reaction shots and the over-laid laugh track.

Probably wouldn't have been quite as amusing, but it would have been more accurate.
– Dean

4. Coach K said...

...please answer the question - why does "openly gay" pose a concern for you?

It doesn't!

Any concern I have is how did the producer of that "skit" decide that the multi-dimensional demographic of which Charles Gottesman is a member, represents, in the producer's mind, the anti-eruvian segment of Westhampton Beach?

Or do you think that Wyatt Cenac and his crew just arrived here one day in January, looked around and decided that Charles Gottesman (whose business was not open that day) was the ideal spokeman for those who oppose the eruv? I mean, why not Arnie Sheiffer, or [shudder] Irene Barrett, or [ack!] Bobby Dillmeier?

It's simple... The Daily Show was serving its own agenda, comedy and satire while taking the mickey out of Westhampton Beach.
– Dean

5. Tugboat Bertha said...

Thanks for posting the video link. I'm sending it viral. And I agree with your beautiful wife that the street shots of the Village were really pretty. We have a beautiful Village and a variety of people to keep the place entertaining.

I concur in all respects.
– Dean

6. Seeker said...

I thought the eruv hat was brilliant - a solution no one else has proposed - a moveable feat!

On that basis, okay... the Eruvians are making bellicose noises, however, and that's not very amusing.

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