Heaney's Sloppy Sleight of Hand

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Heaney's Sloppy Sleight of Hand

It's not a new one, having been thrown into the copy mix with his earlier mailing pieces. But clearly it's the one which Mr. Heaney's advisers and strategists feel is the best thing they have going for them, because it's the focus of his latest mailing and his large news­paper advertisements this week...

Heaney's desperate mailing

Never mind the smaller print. Look at the:

Lowest tax rate in Suffolk County...
2007 taxes down 4%

...part, and then look at your tax bill!

Don't "get it" yet? Look at the budget! That's up... as usual. It's up because the spending is up because "Skip" Heaney likes to spend our money!

So how can the "tax rate" be down?

Blog visitor "vel" explained it very clearly last week:

"It is easy to keep down the tax rate when you have raised the assessments to sky high levels. The tax dollars raised are the tax rate times the assessment amount. Few, if any, Suffolk taxing bodies have reassessed to "real" market value, so the tax rates are higher. A more accurate measure would be what the median house pays in dollars. Even more informative would be the lower 1/3 average, middle 1/3 average and top 1/3 average homes con­tri­bution in dollars. Skip has some set saying the tax rate is low while he has let spend­ing balloon and supported the spending with his inaccurate reassessment program. It's the dollars out of your pocket that counts, not the rate or the assessment - they just determine how much the govern­ment takes to support their activities."

Dollars out of our pockets... what better measure can there be than that?!?

And Mr. Heaney's ever-increasing budgets have over the past several years put a number of taxpayers in Southampton Town at serious risk of losing their homes.

And with his current "Lowest Tax Rate in Suf­folk" mantra the Heaney machine hopes no one will figure out how badly the Supervisor has mismanaged fiscal matters. It is breath-takingly contemptuous of the taxpayers.

The inside front page of the current edition of Suffolk Life is a full page advertisement sub­stantially duplicating the above reproduced mailing piece. Editor-Publisher Dave Willmott traditionally has not failed to call editorial attention to such political chicanery, so it will be interesting to see how he addresses Mr. Heaney's attempted sleight of hand in his Editorial endorsements... especially since his number one son is the primary advisory to the Heaney campaign.


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