Love to have seen the video...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love to have seen the video...

Updated March 23, 2011 – 08:16 pm know, like they do in the Los Angeles area, from a police helicopter... of this one!

Police chase ends up in Southampton bay

Never mind that it was actually Moriches Bay1... hey, whattya expect from Newsday!

Laura Cooper, on 27East, has a fuller, more accurate report which includes this detail:

"...both Mr. Thomas’s car and the police cruiser plunged into the bay. Both men were forced to take refuge on the roofs of their cars...."

Not to make light, but what an image...

  • The pursued, Vincent Thomas, substance-befuddled, cold and wet.
  • The pursuer, Officer Patrick Aubé1, angry, cold and wet.

...each perched atop their vehicles in the dark and awaiting rescue.

Would there have been any conversation? What would it have been?

The update:

It's not the dash-cam video, but it's video, of sorts, from News12LI.

Note the "Brookhaven" dateline.

Did we mention that Channel 12 and Newsday are in common ownership?

  1. Since corrected much later in the day.
  2. Yes, that Patrick Aubé, former President of Southampton Town PBA, who has op­erated that same sector car for at least the past 10 years, and who should know the Basket Neck area reasonably well.


1. Hunt Marckwald said...

I imagine that any conversation would involve the officer saying something like, "...when I get a hold of your sorry [butt], you belong to me."

Right! Or perhaps something a little more declaratory even!

2. Linesider36 said...

That's right out of "The Blues Brothers" movie. But on a serious note, don't you think our local cops should know the area a little better than this officer did? The road is one car wide and comes to an abrupt end were you either have to make a left or a right. Going straight will take you across a lot of Bulkheaded property. If the report has their location right this could cost someone a lot of money. But maybe they were on a "mission from God."

I think it's more like "Blues Brothers 2000."

But your point is well-taken... except that Southampton Town Police probably don't patrol that particular section with any frequency.

3. EastEnd68 said...

Hopefully the dashboard camera was running and we will get to watch.

Indeed! That would be fodder for one of those "Wildest Police Chases" cable shows!

4. Ray Overton said...

Wonder how many FOIL requests have already hit the counter at the Southampton Town PD.

There ya go! Have to scan the channels of the trash TV shows this evening... but that may be premature since release of the dash-cam video could be denied on the basis that it is "part of an on-going investigation."

When it is released, how will it be spun?
  1. "Look at what that stupid cop in 'The Hamptons' did!"
  2. "This is one dedicated police officer determined to not let his quarry get away."
Any bets on which?

5. Rich said...

  1. Southampton cop arrests fishy suspect.
  2. Southampton cop in over in head.
  3. Cop arrests suspect in Hamptons dive.
  4. Cop holds suspect at bay until backup arrives.
Another wouldbe wag. #2 and #4 aren't bad, though.

6. Jim said...

Southampton Town Police (vehicles) do not have dash cameras.

So we'll just have to let our imaginations go wild, eh?

How does Officer Aubé, after more than ten years patroling Sector 21, not know that all those little roads end at either Moriches Bay or Fish Creek?

7. Jeanne Speir said...

Does this mean if the local Police Department is eliminated (as I understand a "petition" is being circulated), we may anticipate more colorful events?

I think I'll take my Po-Po local, thanks.

Yes, dear… such a move seems to be afoot. Working on it.

8. Linesider36 said...

I went to the scene today. I'm amazed that the suspect or the officer made it that far at speed, with old growth oak and maple trees lining both sides of the road and new growth rock walls and entry gates behind the trees. Throw in four, count'em, 4!, hard 90 degree corners that got progressively tighter as they got closer to the "launch point." Oh yeah, that launch point was a 4'-5' bulkhead. Being that there were no heavy scrapes or broken timbers on the bulkhead, those cars were moving when they reached the end.

I was always told that a radio is a lot faster than a car so, was it worth it?

Probably not, but the suspect was wasted and the officer was probably bored... most action Sector 21 has seen in ages!

Good CSI-work, sir!

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