Signs Begone...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Signs Begone...

...and just like that, they are, starting with the two on the corner lot at Mill and Sunset discussed here last Saturday!

The real estate concern responsible was drag­ging its corporate feet, so Code Enforcement Officer Bridget Napoli contacted the property owner directly, and not only did he assert that they were placed there without his approval, he authorized their immediate removal.

Looks a whole lot better now:

A sweeter view from Sunset

(I hardly need point out that Mrs. Napoli did not need to brandish her Glock auto­matic{sic} to get the desired result!)

Could this still be "Magic's?"

So that's two down, and the third one, dis­cussed in Sunday's entry, has inexplica­bly disappeared.

Whether it's on a temporary basis, or the new 113 Main Street brain trust, after a flash of lucidity, has rethought their initial plan, is unknown.

But "Kerrigan's Pub?" Sounded like a branch of someone's... no names... real estate office.


1. Jim Cordo said...

Are you sure on that address, Dean? I remember Magic's as 111 Main Street. Now that I think of it, the building probably has two addresses because it had two storefronts.

The information upon which I operated for over 30 years, was that the pub/restaurant was 113 Main Street, and that the separate entrance to the offices/quarters upstairs was 111 Main Street. This belief is further supported by the fact that the next store to the East is Shock, listed as 115 Main Street. So the building actually contains at least three distinct addresses.

2. Dune Mind said...

Yesterday, Dee Kerrigan Perfido alluded in her comment to interference with use of the name Magic's Pub {"...unfortunately, intervening agencies preclude from calling it a rose"}. I read her note as a veiled reference to MacPherson selling the Perfidos the business but keeping the name {Magic's Pub} via trademark or other license. Does that possibility resonate with you?

[MacPherson may be evil, but he's nothing if not market-savvy, and he certainly knows the value of the "Magic's" brand.]

Yes, that does resonate... not that he hasn't played fast and loose with others' intellectual property in the past!

And I'm not certain, but somewhere along the line I gathered that there was no sale, but a lease of the premises, and that makes more sense since if one buys a business, one usually buys the name (Intellectual Property).

3. Joey said...

Dee brokered Magic's to Don MacPherson, along with several other properties. They also managed Magic's briefly when it first re-opened. I miss Billy!

While I miss Walter William Thorne Jr.'s cheery presence as well, I have no knowledge of your assertions, especially the "re-opened" part. When was that, #1, and, assuming arguendo that your information is accurate, what are we to infer from that?

4. Clarity said...

It's my understanding that the location known as 113 Main Steet, Westhampton Beach, cannot be granted a liquor license under the name "Magic's Pub" due to the prior revocation to avoid what could be considered a "straw buyer" obtaining a license for the same owners. See the State Liquor Authority or SLA law for info.

That's interesting... and likely unConstutional... and if it's not, it should be!

If that's the SLA's policy, they're just being lazy... they should be able to vet their applicants sufficiently to satisfy themselves that there is no "straw purchase!"

Additionally, upon information and belief, there was no "prior revocation." The license was not renewed, amd on the SLA site, it simply states "License is Inactive."

5. Rich said...

Perhaps the new owners can open the doors as the new Long Island Potato. It would dampen the shock of seeing Magic's simply disappear. Hell, maybe somebody can even track down Sandy and have him make an appearance.


Whem last I saw him, McAdams and one of hs brothers were operating a restaurant in Charlottesville, Virginia, as well as, what else, Daedalus Bookshop. Don't know about the restaurant, but the bookshop's still there.

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