It can best be deemed...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

It can best be deemed...

...a Blunder of Napoleonic Proportions, on a par with the occupation of Spain in 1808 and the invasion of Russia four years later!

(On the positive side, the latter did lead to a helluvan overture by Tchaikovsky.)

Last week OtBB revealed that there was a "glimmer of hope for downtown Westhampton Beach" with a plan to reopen Magic's Pub at 113 Main Street.

Well, yes on the plan and the location, but Ennnt! on the Magic's part!

This weekend, this appeared in the window:

Kerrigan's Pub?!?

...which can be filed under the heading of "ayfkm?" (And if you have to ask, don't!)

That premises has been "Magic's Pub" since 1973, when Billy Thorne bought the bar/res­taurant from Johnny Shotwell, for whom he had managed "Shotwell's Pump."

Yeah!, I know... location, location, location, and I've been saying how important it is to all of the downtown area for the place to be re-opened!

And I also know that money talks and bloggers write, but why in the ever-lovin' red-headed li'l gin mill would anyone take an iconic local es­tablishment and chuck its name like this?

It makes no sense... as one long-time local said this afternoon, "When the Empire State Building was purchased some years ago, it wasn't renamed the 'W&H Building!'"

It makes no sense at all!


1. Linesider36 said...

It took awhile but I got it. But like you I don't get it.

And named for a real estate brokerage as well?

2. Coach K said...

"...long-time local" as opposed to a "recent local?"

Ahhhh, a language pedant after my own black heart!

Except that Walter William Thorne Jr. still "Summers" in Westhampton Beach. Though he may not now that Kara's is demised.

3. Hunt Marckwald said...

This is nothing short of flying in the face of Marketing 101. The name "Magic's Pub" is worth an absolute fortune at that location. Someone needs their head examined.

"An absolute fortune?" Well, certainly the location is top notch, and the name has considerable value.

4. Jim Cordo said...

wtf? IMHO, very dumb and a little sad. Where is Shotwell? "Yada, yada, yada, roll'em, smoke'm if you've got'em."

Spoke with him just now... he's still in ski country, firing a couple into the woods off the back nine to keep his handicap up. He sounds terrific.
– Dean

5. Dee Kerrigan Perfido said...

Yes, a rose is a rose is a rose by any other name would smell as sweet... unfortunately, intervening agencies preclude from calling it a rose - but, our dear friend, "Quack Quack" lives on.

To co-mingle a couple of Gertrude Stein and Willy Shakespeare metaphors!

There's always a way, dear lady... if you agreed that "Magic's Pub" was ripe to be discarded after almost 38 years, then [shrug].

6. EastEnd68 said...

How could anyone have a problem with a place named "Kerrigan's Pub?"

If you really need an explanation, then again [shrug].

7. Bob Giannattasio said...

I wonder if Tanya Harding is going to come in and "kneecap" the new owner... stupid is as stupid does. Jimbo and I should buy it and call it "Il Piccolo Pomo." That would show'em!

Wouldn't that be "Il Piccolo Pomo II," Bobby?

8. Jim Gordo said...

Flashbacks galore today. Haven't seen Bob for over 25 years. Thanks for thinking about me, bobby, but I think I'll pass. I spent 14 glorious years in that building and almost didn't make it out. I might not be so lucky this time.

Jeez, today I wouldn't make it to "Last Call!" ("Oooh, children... just a shot away, just a shot away!")

9. Clarity said...

Magic's had turned into a disster over the past few years, attracting many undesirables. I applaud Dee for starting with a clean slate. And let's face it, an Irish bar on Main Street ain't gonna hurt come St. Paddy's time next year!

I know some people who resemble that remark!

10. Linesider36 said...

Wow, it's old home week here at OtBB. Can Ronny Buchinsky and Ian Carson be far behind? How about "Kerrigan's Magic's Pub?" Just a thought.

If it can't be "Magic's Pub," they should just go with something like "The Pub on Main," but then I'm not consulting for them.

However, I see that the big sign in the window is gone, so perhaps some re-thinking is underway.
– Dean

11. The Quiogue Kid said...

WWMDHMD? Translation for non-locals: What would Mad Dog Harry Maddox do? As for me, if it isn't Magics I'll just go to the Merrick Inn or the Bridle Path or....

12. SchoolParent said...

Be it Magic's or Kerrigan's, please bring back the crab-chicken-shrimp salad!

13. Jim Cordo said...

Ronny Buchinsky, Ian Carson, Mad Dog Harry Maddox, "Quack Quack" (a/k/a "Chilly Willy" - I believe you gave him that one) and his nom de guerre, the Shah of Whah. Wow, I got a buzz just writing those names all at once. Memories.

Actually, my "Chilly Willy" coinage described his adult beverage of choice in the latter '70s, Andre's Champagne and Tropicana OJ, a Mimosa Cocktail without the Triple Sec or Cointreau.
– Dean

14. Linesider36 said...

Word on the street is that there's another partner involved that will add a lot of class to the place. Unfortunately all third and lower. Too bad.

Heard the same thing, and upon personal observation had strong indication that it's accurate.
– Dean

15. Rain Maker said...

Good for Dee and her partner. It is wonderful to see people who take pride in there{sic} endeavors and always execeed{sic} expectations...As for the monday moringn{sic} quarterbacks, I guess that is why you have the time to write and comment and offer opinion and not the inner fortitude, money, vision or stones to make a difference in our wonderful community...Ahhh but you have a Wee bag full of pebbles in which to cast...

You haven't been around here for very long, have you? And pul-lease don't say that you're a product of the Westhampton Beach school system.
– Dean

16. Joe Mataratz said...

I find rumors interesting. I guess it is easy to make comments about people without having to actually own up to who is making the comment. I understand everyone's sentimental attachment to the place, but why all the hate for people that are trying to make something in the center of town look better and reopen??

Of course "rumors [are] interesting," but they are just that: rumor.

But where do you see "hate?" Displeasure and incredulity, certainly, but "hate?" I think that's w-a-a-a-y overstated, #1, and, #2, I'm seeing a numver of first-time commenters posting on a common theme. Whose water might these OtBB newbies be carrying?
– Dean

17. Schuyler Rowe said...

I like the fact the slogan underneath the new name includes the phase "with a wee bit of magic." Beyond me why they're renaming it....

Haven't gotten a straight answer on that yet.

18. Dee Kerrigan Perfido said...

New to blogs, but love this! Almost as much fun as Facebook! Everyone and anyone, please feel free to give me a call should you have any questions about ole' Magic's – I really did not want to see a closed shop in the middle of Main Street and wanted to preserve a place where you could still go, have a burger and a beer, relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of our wonderful Village – a Village that I have truly grown very fond of. I would have loved to have kept the name "Magic's Pub," but even our friend, Billy Thorne got it and understood... I promise – it will be quality food, consumer-friendly and you will love the price point. btw, Kerrigan is my family name – a good name and my father is smiling down from heaven saying "Thank You." Give me a call if you'd like to chat – 516-819-8569 – would love to hear from you. Dean – this is great stuff – who knew?

Thanks for putting yourself "out there" by coming here, Dee. (And, not for nuthin', but I knew 'cause I've been doing this awhile!)

Anyone who has followed OtBB over the past four months is aware that a shuttered 111-113 Main Street has been decried and deplored, so when I first broke the news ten days ago, it was quite positive, wasn't it!

But one tampers with icons at their peril, Dee, and that's at the root of the reaction. (That, and some of the other real estaters apparently think you're stolen a promotional march on them.)
– Dean

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