Nothing much…

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nothing much…

...transpired at the regularly scheduled Village Board Work Session last evening, other than the concept of participatory government took another hit when Mayor Teller told Attorney Jim Hulme that he couldn't ask a question about some proposed legislation that Village Attorney Hermon Bishop had just abstracted for the first time.

(Tradition within the Village has been that while Work Sessions are for the Trustees to get work done, public comment has always been allowed. And later on last evening, it was.)

Mr. Hulme, who represents the Muchnicks in their on-going application to develop a parcel on the West side of Old Riverhead Road with 39 three-bedroom condos, likely was interested in learning how the legislative initiative would impact his client's application.

Under the present Village Code, density require­ments permit six units per acre. My understanding of what has been drafted is that the new density would be set at four-per-acre, and for every unit a developer wished to build above that, he would have to also add one "affordable" unit, by whatever criteria constitutes "affordable."

This seems to mean that if an application such as that of the Muchnicks were to be entertained, those six units would still be permitted, but one of them would have to be "affordable."

(But what if more were desired? Say eight. Then would six market price be allowed, as long as two "afford­able" ones were included? Much work is still to be done in this area!)

We also learned that the toddler park is almost completed, that it is to be known as "The Park on Mill," that it will be dedicated to the memory of Rosaria "Ria" Del Bene, and that George Gordon and the DPW guys have really done a speedy job in getting it ready.

Apropos the DPW: the street sweeper just went down East Main Street at 9:37 this morning.


1. Tony Jo Berk said...

I'm not very impressed with what I see of the tiny toddler park on Mill. It's stuck in the corner of a parking lot, crammed between apartments, houses and a commercial building. It appears more like an after thought than a well thought-out project. Good thing the play ground at the WHB Elementary school is finally finished.

2. Matlynn Carville said...

Remember, Tony Joe, this very cute Toddler Park is a "destination," a "Disneyworld" in miniature, to allow anyone who still has a discretionary income sufficient to keep up their shopping habit to patronize the local shops; a place to dump the nanny or spouse and the wee ones to keep them out of the way in a charming fashion.

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