'cept when they're misbehaving

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

'cept when they're misbehaving

...then they're not Oirish, or at least not in the spirit of the St. Patrick's Parade founding Cooks and Bakers.

From this morning's 27East:

Officers Break Up Fight During West­hampton Beach St. Patrick's Day Parade

It would seem that those "mostly disrespectful kids" were a bit more than that.

"Officers from six local police departments had to break up a fight involving as many as 75 people, mostly teenagers...."

That's a lot of "disrespectful kids" and more like an unruly mob, something I thought the St. Patrick's Parade had moved away from.

Over the past several decades or so, the start time had been moved up and the length of the parade had been shortened when rowdiness began to cloud the day's festivities.

It seemed to have had a beneficial effect, as such behavior was certainly never in keeping with what was envisioned by Wes Hemsley, Skip Thomas, Ann Fitzpatrick or "Doc" McCabe.

The best part of this morning's report was:

"...a 20-year-old Westhampton Beach man was charged with disorderly conduct... and later released into the custody of his grandparents."

Not parents, by Gawd!, but "grandparents."

I hope they led him by his ear straight out of the police station and to whatever currently passes for a woodshed.

The young whippersnapper!


1. Hunt Marckwald said...

I heard from a reputable source that a "support team" of Riverhead Town Police actually maced a group outside of Funcho's.

No one was shot or beaten, though, right?

P.S. - "O.C." isn't "mace;" learn the difference.
– Dean

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