When everyone's Oirish...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

When everyone's Oirish...

...even former Grand Marshal Tony Galgano and John Berdinka with his meticulously re­built Willis!

The parade started late due to an ambulance response in the middle of the downtown area, and didn't end 'til 1:48 pm, so it was still the lengthiest one in recent memory.

It was a great day for the parade: the weather was sunny and the temperature tolerable, and everyone seemed well-behaved.

2011 Grand Marshal Brian Crouse

(Well, almost every­one... there were sporadic incidents of unruly behavior around the down­town area, "mostly disrespectful kids," according to one officer on duty.)

But the parade itself, led by Grand Marshal Brian Crouse, was a grand one, and thoroughly en­joyed by all.

Some of the participants:

Toni-Jo Birk, Mayor Conrad Teller, Joan Levan and Sue Farrell

Four-fifths of the current Westhampton Beach Village Board.

No matter the color of the piper's kilt, the sounds of pipes warm this Scotsman's ear.

No matter the kilt, the pipes warm this Scotsman's ear.

Founders of the Westhampton Beach St. Patrick's Parade are still represented.

Founders of the St. Patrick's Parade are still represented.

The Berdinka mobile

John and Dot Berdinka's custom re-powered '43 Willis.

The Southampton Press -- all editions -- had a presence in the parade

Can that be you, Joe Louchheim atop that "float?"

The 2011 Coneheads

The perennial Conehead presentation.

Spencer Conehead at the wheel

Spencer Conehead and the blogger exchange lens "fire".

The horses of the Rough Riders and the Smithtown Hunt Club

And as is prudent, the equestrians brought up the rear.

It has to be asked...

What does any of this have to do with the Saint Patrick's Parade?

What are these things doing on the Great Law?

Magic's Pub closed for the parade

Personal Notes

For me, the saddest sight on this parade day was this one...

The lights of Magic's have been extinguish­ed... I wonder when, or even if, we will see them lit again.

O, before I forget, when Gary Sapiane stuck a microphone in my face, it seemed as a good a time as any to declare my candidacy for Village Trustee this June. So WLNG listen­ers learned of it even before OtBB readers.

Couldn't be helped.


1. Who Said That?! said...


Please save your petition signature for me.

2. Mark said...

'Tis truly a great day for the Irish! It's about time, Dean, to throw your kilt back into the mix! Happy St. Paddy's Day.

And please save your petition signature for me, too… unless you'd like to join me.

3. Linesider36 said...

Run Dean Run!

I am, I am!

4. Watching Them said...

Glad to hear it!!!

5. Brian Crouse said...

Oh sorry to hear about the ambulance; I hope that it was not a serious problem. I thought that they stopped the parade so I could pee before we got to Main Street.

Thanks for the picture, Dean, and I am very glad to hear you are a gonna be a runnin'.

What a great and amazing parade day, at least it was for me. The Crouses were represented by three generations at my first Westhampton Beach St. Paddy's parade; I had my girl Janet Cirrone by my side, my parents Eugene and Janice Crouse; my aunt Alice Gordon (née Crouse), my oldest son Rory Crouse and his girlfriend Emily Schotte.

It was tremendously surreal for me seeing and saying hello to, probably, a thousand people who have been a part of my life for the 21 years I owned a business in our little Village. It was such a fitting send off for me as I sold my business and start my next life journey and career.

Thanks everyone! It was perfect for me.

You had a grander day than most!

6. Hampton West said...


Probably the only reason we went to Main Street was for Magic's - sorely missed.

Good luck on your campaign.

Thanks, HW.

The St. Patrick's Parade Days of the late '70s and mid-'80s at Marakesh and Magic's are fondly remembered by many, myself especially.

7. SchoolParent said...

A grand parade, Spring is in the air, and Dean will run for a Westhampton Beach Trustee position.

Life is Good............

Save those signatures!

8. Martyn said...

I'd vote for you. We need someone like you to shake some sense into the council of our little mountain town.

Yeah, but I'm not emigrating 3,400 miles to do it, thank you very much!

9. Oldtimer said...

Just was told to scroll down this blog and I would find the best news since the last election. Can't wipe the smile off my face, finally you have made the announcement we've all been waiting to hear! The best of luck... you can count on my vote.

And I'll need it... save your petition signature for me.

10. Tommy John Schiavoni said...

Good Luck with your run for Trustee. Your last race was closer than our past congressional race. Which seats on the Village Board are up this year?

Joan Levan and Hank Tucker, baggage and all.

11. Bruce Tria said...

I'm glad I checked On The Beach Blog or I would never have known that you were going to make a run for Village Trustee.

Gary Sapiane. Hmmph! (Of course I write that with my tongue planted in cheek. He and I have been friends since the 1970s. Besides, he can still beat me up.)

Good luck. So, when are you going to appear on The Dawn Patrol? Inquiring minds want to know, Dean....

Which version, the first one with Richard Barthelmess, or the 1938 version with Errol Flynn?

Serously, whattya wanna talk about?

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