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Thursday, March 10, 2011

New and of Note...

...or at least, new to me and just now noted.

The Westhampton Beach Fire Department has a fairly elaborate new Website designed by a professional outfit down in Maryland.

So too does the Westhampton Beach School District's athletic department; the part that I hadn't seen before was the calendar of sports events.

That's a pretty good use of the Web.

I'm curious, though, about the Fire Depart­ment's site... it seems a little "much" for a modest sized operation such as Westhampton Beach Fire District.

And why would they be spending almost "set-up" $800 and $100/month for this service?

But then it was noted that... speaking of what's in a name?... Firehouse Solutions' Mission Statement:

"To provide a practical and professional solution to support information manage­ment, in-house communications, and public relations efforts for public safety organizations."

Ahhhhhhhhh! "Public relations!" The matter clarifies.

The Sunset Firehouse, as presently construct­ed, is fast reaching the point of out-living its utility... and the FD wants a new one.

And that is going to be an expensive proposi­tion... perhaps not on the scale of "Taj Levan," but the preliminary thinking among some is that this is destined to be a "raze 'n' rebuild" deal from the jump.

And on the subject of the Library, it's been closed all day today... for "Staff Training."



1. Who Said That?! said...

I had a furious E-mail today from a friend about the library being closed all day! Consensus is that the trailer-library was far superior to the new one in every way!!!

It was actually my morning coffee call from a friend going out of the area for the weekend and wanting to take some books to read! Ennnt! Not today, bunky!

2. Coach K said...

The new library sucks. (I hate that term, but it is the only one that fits.) No books, no place to sit and read, no library smell to it. What a travesty.

Costly, too....

3. Ray Overton said...

You might want to take a look at some of the public information there and "advertise" that as opposed to assuming the primary purpose of the website is political. Start with the items on carbon monoxide. CO alarms are becoming a more and more frequent call for us and presents one of the more dangerous situations for homeowners, especially as people switch from oil to either propane or natural gas. While I am not certain about your numbers, if correct, $800 startup with a maintenance fee of $1200 annually really is not a lot of dough.

Nice to hear from you about something other than the Knicks winning... O, that's right, they lost badly last night.smiley

The numbers were derived directly from the Firehouse Solutions Website, as is their Mission statement. Whether you consider the $1200 annual figure "not a lot of dough" or significant, it is a curious expenditure for a small volunteer fire department.

4. Johnny Romo said...

Furious E-mails over a closed library?

C'mon, get a scope of a little bit of a bigger picture. Tsunamis, earthquakes, revolutions and countless other things are going on both locally and worldwide to not make one "furious" about a library being closed for a training session. No books? I always either find the book I am looking for or the library will get it for me in at most three days. No place to read? I go to the library probably three days a week at all manner of times and always find a spot to read. Maybe in some straw poll the trailer or the old library were better but not mine.

Setting the cost aside here (which for the readers seems to always forefront most discussions around here) let's look at the library from another perspective. This Village has no place of community gathering of any sort other than a church (as many of them as real estate offices). So other than the school which provides basically substandard and fringe continuing education classes, what we are left with is the library. So sorry to offend old school purists that associate only page-turning books and reference materials but it provides more services than any other taxpayer expenditure to locals looking to better themselves. It provides rooms for my 16-month old daughter to learn in incredible physical, social and intellectual ways by providing a great children's section (busy all the time) as well as classes for her to socialize with other children her age (gotta admit, the mommy's aren't weak on the eyes either, but don't tell my wife, oops). It has a young adult room (again busy often) that's okay, has a video game system, but is keeping kids off the street. There was just a cool jazz exhibition this weekend (standing room only) and most who exited afterward were more than happy. It has a fantastic DVD collection that may not rival Netflix but is pretty extensive. It offers trips and you can even take on-line continuing education classes with reachable professors.

I took my own straw poll of families with children and under 40-year olds, 32 people all told and overwhelmingly they are grateful for the fact that the library is there.

The cost of the building is what it is, there is nothing one can do about it anymore. So quit bitching. As far as it closing yesterday, I read the monthly mailer and the signs all over the place for weeks. If one is angry, née furious over the fact that they desperatly needed a the newest Brad Meltzer novel and waited 'til the day they were leaving to go away, plan a little better.

To use the words furious and travesty about the library is inflammatory and frankly boarderline derogatory to the library and the awesome and helpful staff there. Those words are only trying to start an unfair bashing of the place. I question the fact that certain Board members are also current Trustees but the place is trying and suceeding at providing good things for this community and for this father. The value of the lbrary outweighs the cost anyway you look at it.

An impassioned defense of all things WFL! Thank you for your Comments... there may be a little something extra in your Easter basket this year from Mrs. Levan and Mr. Tucker.

5. Terry Smith said...

Don't expect anything extra from Mrs. Levan or Mr. Tucker. I have it on good authority that the Library staff training ended on a down note when the Director informed them that no one, including himself, would be receiving a raise this year.

Such has been my experience over the past four-five years that I never expect anything good from either of those two... and in Tucker's case, anything truthful.

(Disclosure: The writer [me] will be challenging in June for one the Trustee seats on the Village Board currently held by Mrs. Levan and Mr. Tucker.)


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