Cop House Confidential - II

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Cop House Confidential - II


...suspended officers Joseph Pesapane and Michael Bruetsch cannot be too confident of the ultimate outcome of their unresolved dis­ciplinary hearings following yesterday's first shoe dropping with Pesapane receiving a "20-day rip" on the sole charge of "making a false statement."

With a second hearing on three more charges facing Pesapane already underway, and the hearing on the eight charges preferred against Bruetsch due to start Monday, pros­pects for the two officers continued employment in Westhampton Beach are not promising.

A source familiar with the situation indicated that Bruetsch has apparently read the tea leaves and has been attempting to work out his retirement before the gavel falls in the Village and he is terminated.

William Keahon has read those same tea leaves and obviously feels the outlook for his two clients is indeed dour. The PBA-funded attorney told 27East today:

"The hearing was a sham—S-H-A-M... It is a fixed forum.

The allegations were ridiculous, the proof had no merit, and the decision and the findings of the judge I knew would be what they would be from day one."

In foreshadowing what he feels is inevitable, Mr. Keahon added:

"Mr. Pesapane was not guilty of the charge."

...instead of referring to his client as "Officer Pesapane."

(But read on...)


According to multiple sources, Detective Edwin Hamor is feigning surprise over acceptance of his resignation by the Village Board last week.

"I never offered it," he told one OtBB reader.

Was there a glitch somewhere?

Possibly, but on just whose part is unclear.

Two sources at Six Corners confirmed that the Village did not ask for the veteran officer's res­ignation, and that he would have had to initi­ate the retirement procedure himself.

"Caught us a little by surprise, too," one said. "We were notified by New York State that he was retiring effective March 14th."

According to those familiar with the process, Hamor would have had to have "put in his papers" himself.

By law, a potential retiree has up to 24 hours before the effective date of separation to with­draw his or her request.


The afore-mentioned Keahon, according to that same 27East report:

"Mr. Keahon, who will not defend Officer Pesapane during the second hearing, said he does not predict a favorable outcome for his client."

Among other things, it looks like the attorney is com­pletely bailing on Pesapane, saying it's a foregone conclusion...

"...that the hearing officer will now find him guilty and he will be dismissed from his job. They bled my client financially and he was unable to continue with me represent­ing him. He is relying on the union lawyer to defend him in these present charges."

(Translation: "The PBA got it's $10,000 worth out of me, and I'm outta here.")


In reality, both Pesapane and Bruetsch, sus­pended with full pay and benefits for well over a year, cannot be said to have been "bled" by the Village... it's more the other way around.


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