Jus' passing it along...

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Jus' passing it along...


...since no one in Rotary asked for a mention of Sunday's Spaghetti Dinner, OtBB's "Community Service Dance Card" hasn't been filled.

This just in from Ms. Stephanie Zayicek:

Could you post a public service announcement?

The Westhampton Beach St. Patrick's Parade Day is this Saturday, kicking off at noon.

I'm acting as the Coordinator of Christian Education at St. Mark's Church. Our Sunday School has a float this year, and our goal during the parade is to fill our float with non-perishable items collected from spectators along the parade route.

The parade theme, "Feed the Hungry," is very near to my little ones' hearts as at Christmas they did a food drive to collect 2011 items before 2011, and ended up with close to 2500 items, all of which was donated to the Westhampton Food Pantry.

Our float is a big red wagon, and by parade's end, we'd like to have all of them marching rather than riding because the float will be filled with donations.

Would you please share this on your blog?

Well, okay, Stephanie... you know I could never refuse any of the Hulse gals anything.


1. Rob F. said...

Arggh -- just look at that graphic. For shame, Speir! Surely you know that a shamrock has three leaves, not four. How else would St. Patrick have explained the Trinity to the heathens?

[gulp!] Fixed! (Though someone should similarly inform those sots on the Westhampton Beach St. Patrick's Parade Day Committee!)

In my defense, I'm Scots, not Oirish... and my the vowel at the end of your sur-name, neither are you! Once again, I stand in awe of your encyclopedic knowledge of all things!
– Dean

2. Rob F. said...

I may not be Oirish but I'll be marching Sunday in New York State's third-largest (after NYC and Pearl River) St. Pat's parade, in Putnam County, with my brethren from the Knights of Columbus. And when I designed our Council's flyer for the after-parade-party, I followed two rules:

  1. Shamrocks have three (3!) leaves;
Aye, sir! #1 is now indelibly burned on my brain.

3. Frank Wheeler said...

Why do you insist on "St. Patrick's Parade Day Committee?" -- it's officially "St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee!"

Well, language pedant that I am, 'twere the parade always held on St. Patrick's Day, they'd be correct. It isn't, so they're not.

Strictly speaking, of course... and I'm confident that they care not a whit.

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