The first question should be...

Sunday, March 06, 2011

The first question should be...

...why wasn't this guy, as reported on, in jail?

Northampton Man Charged With Assaulting Police Officer Over Can Of Malt Liquor

And not because Mark Goode is impressively large (six feet, 280 pounds), kinda scary-looking and black.

Mark A. Goode

This has something to do with it:

"On February 12, New York State Police arrested Mr. Goode at the Shell gas station on Lake Avenue in Riverside, where he was charg­ed with assault in the second degree, a felony. He was arrested that time ... after he repeatedly punched a man in the face, fracturing several of the victim’s bones."

Less than three weeks earlier he had been ar­rested for a violent felony and was already back on the bricks?

"Ahhhhh," you may say, "everyone is entitled to bail."

But now toss this into the mix:

"Police said Mr. Goode has an extensive criminal history and was recently released from Suffolk County Jail."

It would seem that Mr. Goode might be some­thing of a recidivist, and a violent one at that.

Why was he even on the street with an open container of malt liquor? Who does the injured pollice officer see about that?


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