March Village Board Meeting

Thursday, March 03, 2011

March Village Board Meeting

Sizable attendance for this time of year as the area's two business groups alerted their mem­bers that there would be a Public Hearing on the proposed revisions to the Westhampton Beach Sign Ordinance.

Village Planning Consultant Kyle Collins ab­stracted at length the changes the Sign Com­mittee recommended, and answered a total of one (1!) question... and not even asked by a member of the business sector.

(Remember this fact the next time a shop keeper starts griping about Westhamp­ton Beach being "the Village of no!")

After the Public Hearing, the Board indicated that there could be a vote on adopting the new law at the April meeting.

One event those in attendance were treated to was an official municipal recognition of the centennial of Eckart's Luncheonette... a fixed point in an evolving Villagescape.

(Think about it! Eckart's is two decades older than the Village! Wow!)

In other business, a Village parcel of 15,811 square feet on Guldi Street (off Hazelwood), was deeded to Habitat for Humanity for the construction of an "affordable housing" unit.

Bids opened at last month's Work Session were confirmed, and contracts were formally awarded to Bartlett Tree Experts for pruning the trees in the downtown area, and to Quogue Country Market to operate the food concession at Rogers Beach this Summer.

(A substantially higher bid by JR Water Corp. was rejected for not adhering the the bidding guidelines.)

Various dates were confirmed for use of munic­ipal property and streets by organizations as varied as Remsenburg-Speonk PTO and Five Borough Bicycle Club to Responsible Solutions for Valued Pets and EJ Autism Foundation.

And the Village Board accepted, with the oblig­atory "regrets," the resignation of Detective Edwin Hamor, effective March 13th.

Not including the two suspended (with pay) Police Officers Bruetsch and Pesapane, that makes at least three of the "old guard" who have left the department in the past three months.

During the Public portion of the meeting, the Board was asked about the progress of the on-going Police Disciplinary Hearings.

Mayor Conrad Teller revealed that the finding of the Hearing Officer of the initial Pesapane charge had been received this week, and were being reviewed by the Board. An Executive Session to make a determination based on the recommendation has been scheduled for next Tuesday.

The meeting was closed at 7:45 pm.


1. Clarity said...

Goodbye Ed. Wish you a happy and healthy retirement.

2. Hampton West said...

"5 Boro" is probably the mid-May Manhattan-to-Montauk bike tour - which I usually ride. The only problem I've had with this is the course takes us right down the center of the Village to Library Avenue and the traffic on Main Street can be chaotic as people back their cars out and the bikers think they have the right of way. Makes for some close calls.

It is a mid-May event, HW, but the police... as they do with the various "runs" here... usually have matters under control.

Aside from that, bicycles are obliged to observe the same rules of the road as motor vehicles, something too many cyclists, confident of their superiority in that they are contributing to a healthier environment, sometimes ignore.

3. Hunt Marckwald said...

Recently, and unfortunately, I have had the need for Detective Hamor's assistance. This man was incredible - sharp, intuitive, to the point and effective. As a Village businessman, I hope that his replacement will be as fine an officer and a gentleman as Ed.

4. Hampton West said...

You're right about the bike riders and I'm afaid it's not just a couple of bad eggs - a lot of my riding friends think they own the road. I understand folks getting upset.

5. Max Mascia said...

Hard to believe Ed is retiring. He played in my high school band. Guess that makes me older than I thought!!!!!

Eddie is like Robert Cummings and Dick Clark... man never ages!

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