Well, duh!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Well, duh!

Headline on page 5 of this morning's South­ampton Press Western Edition:

OTB Faces Bankruptcy

Since Suffolk County Off-Track Betting regu­larly vies with the Board of Elections as the largest repository of political hacks in Suffolk County, such news is not surprising.

Deliciously ironic is that the bulk of quotes in reporter Rohma Abbas' story comes from Southampton Town Management Services Administrator Russell Kratoville... remember him?... who expressed his belief that:

"...New York State is to blame for Suffolk OTB's financial decline by requiring OTB corporations statewide to pay unfair stat­utory fees."

Ms. Abbas notes that Kratoville:

"...served as Suffolk OTB's treasurer and director of finance and was employed by the organization from 1999 to December 2010."

...then adds:

"Mr. Kratoville, however, said he does not believe that there were mismanaged accounts or missing records...."

Let's see what the final report of the on-going audit of OTB by the New York State Racing and Wagering Board has to say.

Never mind possible indictments!

Could be that a number of hard-working wage slaves are going to find their suddenly unem­ployed brothers-in-law sleeping on their living room couches.


1. Frank Wheeler said...

Anyone in mind?

Now that I think of it....

2. Jeanne Speir said...

Wasn't the impending collapse of the OTB system, under the eleven year "watch" of Kratoville, the REASON he was given the Graboski/Malone/Nuzzi gift of a patronage job in Southampton?

I believe it will be critical to revisit this issue come next Southampton Election cycle.

It would appear that Kratoville correctly read the writing on the subpoenas and hit the silk just in time. Which raises the question of what, and how, he knew.

3. D. Will said...

New York State, Unfair statutory fees, you mean like recreational fishing licenses and MTA payroll tax? Welcome to the real world, Russell.

Yeah, something like that!

4. Bob Schunk said...

The Bookies never had any trouble staying in business. I have never seen a Government agency make any money. It always seems they want the taxpayer to bail them out.

Point taken, but of course bookmakers don't bother with Social Security withholding, etc.

Damn'd Government!

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