A harbinger of Spring

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A harbinger of Spring

...or, the vernal equinox will be arriving sev­eral weeks early this year!

'Twas not a full month ago that the marquee at Six Corners announced that it was "closed," that it would "see all of you in the Spring!"


(Yeah, some of those red plastic letters look like they've been strafed by a flock of diarrhetic seagulls.)

This week's message has been considerably more upbeat, and the lights of the Hampton Arts will once again spill onto the tastefully-landscaped "egg-about"

This gladdens my provincial heart immeasur­ably... as noted previously, a darkened Six Corners doesn't bode well for the Village.

And perhaps Bun 'n' Burger can now finalize their original idea of a cross-promotional tie-in with the Twin Cinemas, supper and a cheap ($4) movie on Tuesdays.

Speaking of which, I introduced Mrs. Speir to the epicurean pleasures of Johnny Romo's Philly Cheese Steaks this evening, and she was sold with her first mouthful, and about which she waxed rhapsodic all the way home.

Jeanne also had an interesting assessment about Gina's Blueberry Cheesecake we shared for dessert:

"They warm the blueberries... that's some­thing only a mother does! Wonderful!"

I also accepted a certain amount of grief for referring to Gina as "one of Claude's regular daytime staff" last week.

Ennnt! [gulp!]

In truth, Claude is Gina's daytime (and night­time) staff as several commenters pointed out.


1. Lain Johanson said...

Oh, Dean... I'm afraid that won't do it, either. The point is that Gina is the daughter of Dave of Dave's Bun 'n' Burger... which makes her the big cheese. It wasn't a daytime/nightime issue, it was the "staff" issue! And it wouldn't have been an issue with Gina... but it did get back to her Dad, the original Dave!

Good to see you and a pleasure to have finally met the elusive Mrs. S.! See you at Dave's... and the movies, too.



Mrs. Speir, while being elusive to me for more than 22 years, is not so much elusive as busy in the City.

2. Lain Johanson said...

Unless, of course you were being facetious... which, knowing you is more than likely!

[sigh of relief!]

3. Jeanne Speir said...

Speaking of big cheeses, in my best Homer Simpson voice, allow me to say--"Hmmmmmmm, Philly Cheese Steak."

I'll be BACH!


So were the fries and the Jambalaya. Thanks for a great dinner, folks.

My wife has spoken.

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