That sordid Sordi matter...

Friday, February 11, 2011

That sordid Sordi matter...

Updated 02/15/2011 – 03:45 pm

...while not concluded, has seen the end of Michael C. Sordi's ten-month tenure as South­ampton Town Attorney.

At the the February 8th Town Board meeting, a $70 million cloud had appeared over Sordi's head with revelations that he missed several deadlines and extensions in filing a response to a multi-million Federal Civil Rights action filed by Nancy Genovese of East Quogue.

Ousted Southampton Town Attorney Michael C. Sordi

This afternoon Sordi exited Town Hall under that cloud as Super­visor Anna Throne-Holst and Council members Nancy Gra­boski and Bridget Fleming, with Council­men Chris Nuzzi and James Malone abstaining, voted to accept his resignation, and then to a Stipulation of Set­tlement of his remaining contract.

Sordi's resignation is effective today, but the buy-out amount figures to be worth approx­imately $10,000, a bargain for the Town.

Sordi had been appointed Southampton Town Attorney by Supervisor Throne-Holst in April 2010, but has been recently criticized for his failure to put in a timely response to Ms. Geno­vese's lawsuit and leaving the Town in an awk­ward position.

There is no word on the status of that lawsuit, currently before United States District Court Judge Joseph Bianco who is deciding whether to award Ms. Geno­vese a default judgment.

Sordi is no stranger to big bucks lawsuits against governments which employ him. He was one of the prosecuting Nassau County Attorneys who worked diligently to discredit former county planning department employee-turned-plaintiff, Georgina Morgenstern in August 2009.

"Whistleblower" Morgenstern was eventually awarded $1.8 million.

Sordi graduated from Boston College and Ford­ham Law School, and was admitted to the New York Bar in 1984. He is a member of Sordi and Sordi, LLP which practices in the area of Munic­ipal, Zoning, and Negligence Law.

Last June Supervisor Throne-Holst and Board member Fleming voted against hiring outside counsel in the lawsuit challenging the payroll tax imposed in 2009 by the MTA.

At that time the supervisor expressed every confidence in Sordi's ability to handle the case.

Still, that on-going legal action has spawned partisan contentiousness among Town Board members... and that was before Sordi dropped the ball on the Genovese matter.


1. Champ19 said...

So, can we hope that Sordi and Sordi, LLP is insured for errors and omissions for gross negligence in this instance?

I have no information on that count... normally, they would be, but then normally attorneys don't continually punt deadlines.

2. Jeanne Speir said...

Ouch. Sounds like Sordid and Sordider are guilty of Negligence; not the practice of it.

My wife, the wag! Yes dear....

3. Hunt Marckwald said...

While Attorney Sordi is obviously guilty of negligence, his client is more obviously guilty of gross stupidity for not following a minor matter like a 70 million dollar lawsuit!

I encourage any who are interested in this particular matter to watch the video of Tuesday afternoon's Town Board meeting starting around the 0:15:25 minute mark when resident Elaine Kahl raised the issue of the cost of the Genovese lawsuit and the failure of the Town Attorney to file the required answers. "We are on top of it," Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst assured Ms. Kahl, and subsequently Board members Nuzzi and Malone. "We feel that we have handled it as well as we can" and "It's been taken care of."

With this matter and her "Clinton-esque" responses to Southampton Press reporter Hallie Martin about her post-Linda Kabot DWI telephone calls, it is apparent that Supervisor Throne-Holst's words must always be examined closely.

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