Ruminations upon the Kabot Case

Monday, February 07, 2011

Ruminations upon the Kabot Case

Updated 02/07/2011 – 10:32 pm

The logical question in the wake of Linda Kabot's acquittal of all alcohol-related charges from her Labor Day 2009 arrest by Westhamp­ton Beach Police, is "What now?"

In Mrs. Kabot's instance, the feisty former Southampton Town Supervisor, after spending some relaxed time with her family, will prob­ably consider how best to re-enter the public arena.

If she wants to make a run for her old seat at the head of the Town, it's current occupant has given her an unusual window, since it appears that Anna Throne-Holst was not truthful when asked by's Hallie Martin about her late night communications in the hours imme­diately following the Kabot arrest.

"Ms. Throne-Holst said someone did call her early in the morning on September 7 with the news of Ms. Kabot’s arrest, but it was not a police officer. Ms. Throne-Holst would not say who called her or what time she received the call."

Kabot attorney William Keahon

Kabot attorney William Keahon conjured up the notion that his client had been the target of a police conspiracy, which notion gained traction when then South­ampton Town PBA President Patrick Aubé testified at trial that he had engaged in 1:00 am text message and voice communication with Ms. Throne-Holst about the Kabot DWI arrest.

Yet to be answered is why Aubé had this Town Board member's private cell' number, and felt that such late night access was appropriate.

(In this post-11 September era of privacy-be-damned, is it too late to obtain a digital recording of the "nine minutes" of conversation between Throne-Holst and Aubé.

Linda, have any friends in Department of Homeland Security?)

Linda Kabot

On another issue, if the lady wants to return to the public arena, can she overcome the forces of darkness and Junior Heaney... but I repeat myself... to gain the GOP nomination?

Linda Kabot's done it before, and as already noted, the lady is feisty!

On Ms. Throne-Holst's side, she's looked noth­ing but exemplary in the shameful Kratoville affair, and one can be sure that the traditional­ly disorganized Democrats are going to pound the whey out of that from here to November... but to what effect?

Southampton Town politics... gonna be messy!

Coming: the Westhampton Beach Police Department.


1. Hampton West said...

"Messy" is an understatement!!! One would think a person with a rational mind would never again want to be exposed to the process Mrs. Kabot just went through but then again, rational people can do irrational things. I wouldn't be surprised to see Mrs. K. back in mix

As I said, she's feisty!

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