The 'Hubba-Hubba Factor'

Monday, October 15, 2007

The 'Hubba-Hubba Factor'

When I first heard the phrase "Hubba-Hubba Factor" last month, it was uttered by a 30-something female professional who had found it amusing. I let out a spontaneous guffaw myself, and got on with my life.

Apparently coined by Southampton Press columnist Reynolds Dodson is a whimsical moment while handi­capping the current Town Council race and paying tribute to Democratic candidate Anna Throne-Holst's comeliness, it caused a minor stir among various females... including Ms. Throne-Holst... who generally felt that any focus on her physical appeal marginalized the substantive content of her candidacy.

Having never met the lady and knowing little about her, I was invited to meet her earlier this month when she was stumping at the Westhampton Beach Post Office.

My first impression was that, in person, she was indeed an attractive gal, not the head-turner that one would associate with an ex­cited utterance such as "Hubba-Hubba!" (think the telescoping eyes of Roger Rabbit), but fair of face and slender of figure.

(Of course, all things being relative, the "head-turner" assessment would depend on with whom one was engaged in con­versation when Ms. Throne-Holst passed by.)

On the issues we were able to discuss while she handed out her literature and introduced herself to voters, the lady (who gives intima­tions of being a doctrinaire Democrat) and the blogger probably don't fully see eye-to-eye. But what I most liked about her is that she didn't speak in "sound bites" and wasn't bashful about her opinions.)

At the same time, however, I was frustrated at her inability to articulate a clear answer to a direct question about illegal immigration. She had difficulty in making her points sufficiently concise to satisfy the listener and yet not cause "eye-glaze" syndrome. And I guess that's a tough tightrope to tread... avoid short and polished political responses, and still im­part meaningful information.

I'll have to see how she does in front of what promises to be a packed room at the Monday evening candidates' debate in Hampton Bays where taxpayers will be marching with pitch­forks and burning fagots muttering dark im­precations about Supervisor "Skip" Heaney's near ruinous property tax increases through reassessment.

And as for the "Hubba-Hubba!" issue which Mr. Dodson probably regrets introducing at this point, I think that, yeah, she's attractive, but not in such an obvious way that female voters will resent her... if anything they prob­ably wonder how a mother of three has maintained her girlish figure... so as well as being comely, Ms. Throne-Holst is a comer, politically, and should do very well on Election Day.

Someone with an excellent Southampton polit­ical antenna... no names, please... recently made the observation that if Mr. Heaney some­how manages to retain his seat next month, and Nancy Graboski (an odds-on choice to lead the Council race) and Ms. Throne-Holst are also successful, that would leave Linda Kabot on the Town Board as well, and that a betting pool would start as to when the Supervisor's head would explode.

I'm down for February 2008.


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