Two gasps in the death rattle...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Two gasps in the death rattle...

...of the business community in Westhamp­ton Beach?

This occupies a sizable chunk (3¼ acres) of the Village's B3 Zoning District:

The demised Westhampton Coach Works

A year ago there were five(5) businesses oper­ating at 112-14 Old Riverhead Road.

The demised Westhampton Coach Works

The parcels don't look any better late in the day... other than that the lights are still on so LIPA hasn't pulled that plug yet.

I have no special in­formation about what happened there, though rumor is rife as it al­ways is in Westhampton Beach.

(And it's no longer just over the back fence... we are informed that, thanks to Elyse, Facebook is currently in play!)

The demised Westhampton Coach Works

Now I'll need to find another Inspection station and service center for oil change and lubes.

While not part of the business community per se, this offering speaks for itself:

"Westhampton Beach house being sold below market value"

Why? Is this officially a "depressed area?"

Entering the Village from the North, a visitor could certainly be excused for thinking so... whither Coachworks/Manhattan Motor Cars/Anona, the Corner Restaurant and the other corner gas station?

And more importantly, what are the Chamber of Commerce and WHAM doing about this?

One encouraging sign...

Sign in the window of the late Johnny Chih's

Yeah, I know... when OtBB referenced this previously, I said "Make mine Spicy's," but obviously George intends more than just wings, #1, and, #2, at the very least it's an optimistic step back from the abyss.


1. Tugboat Bertha said...

I don't recognize the building where Big City Burgers are coming. And who is George?

Lemme tell ya a secret... most competent Web-publishers provide an alt statement when they mount an image, and there are several reasons for this, one being that PC folks can "hover" their cursor over an image or a graphic and all will be revealed to you.

Also, if you had followed the clickable link to the original OtBB entry, you've known all there is to know.

2. Champ19 said...

Closed for the Holidays or actually Tango Uniform?

Don't know for sure... despite the paper signs on the doors, it doesn't look good.

3. Johnnie Jet said...

Don't forget the Bowling Alley, National, the (2) adjacent gas stations, Westhampton Steakhouse, vacancy next to the shoe repair store, vacancy in Letterie's building on the corner, Pastor Chevrolet, Speonk Inn. This place is in a Depression!

No, I don't think many people are "forgetting" those included on your by-no-means-complete list, but you seem to have overlooked the "Entering the Village from the North…" qualifier, #1, and, #2, neither Pastor Chevrolet or Speonk Inn are in the Village.

The point was, anyone coming down from the Sunrise past the spiffy new Gabreski entrance and into Westhampton Beach for the first time, may decide they've blundered into Scranton, Pennsylvania the week after they've closed up the last mine shaft, and toddle off to Quogue.
– Dean

4. Kathy said...

I called today and a message said they will be closed this week and reopen on Monday, January 3rd. Just a vacation?

We shall see in short order.

5. EastEnd68 said...

Who determines market values and decides that something sold below? It would seem to me that where something sells is market value.

Yes, there is that, but consider the wording of the listing and who is making it.
– Dean

6. Elyse Richman said...

On a positive note, it looks like Buoy One might have opened, I drove past last night and noticed the lights on and an "open" flag out front, Good Luck to them!!

According to their Website, they are open! While it's not in the Village, it's another "close-by" dining option, and with the loss of Anona, The Corner, J. Chih's, Magic's and the seasonal shuttering of The Post Stop, we can use all of those.
– Dean

7. EastEnd68 said...

Ate at Buoy One last evening – every bit as good as Riverhead. A welcome addition to the area.

That's encouraging!

8. Hampton West said...

Where did Buoy One open?

Also - North Mall looks like there are a lot of vacancies. Dean is correct - coming in on Old Riverhead Road is like visiting my mom's old town of Hazelton, PA in the 1960s.

Buoy One is on the site of the former Baily's Diner, later the Krugerrand, on Montauk Highway on the corner of Seabreeze Avenue. They opened within the past week, I believe.

9. Carpetbagger said...

Ate at Bouy One last evening - as good as Riverhead with Hamptons' prices. Over $60 for two, drank water as no liquor license yet. Food was OK but there are better values around, Starr's, Micole's, etc.


10. Hampton West said...

Had lunch at Buoy One today. Simple: fried fish sampler. The white fish was super fresh as were the bay scallops included in the basket - wife had calimari - quite good. With two diet cokes the bill was under $24 - pretty good I'd say.

Best of luck to them.

Indeed. Encouraging.

11. Champ19 said...


Had lunch at Finn McCool's today and asked the barkeep what was up across the street, were they out of business? He said he didn't know for certain, but "it looked that way." He said he had a person come in saying his car was in the shop and couldn't get it out. Also, more telling, one of the technicians, John, don't know last name, told the bartender he can't get his tools out.

Lot is plowed, however, but no activity when I left after lunch. Rotarians holding forth for lunch today also at McCool's. Wonder what they thought if they even noticed.

Best, and happy new year!

Right... see Tuesday's late OtBB entry.

12. Robert Pollifrone said...

Hampton's prices? It's the same exact menu as in Riverhead. Pick up a menu from both places and put them side by side. You'll see not one price is different. Not even the soda. Enjoy!

Ah, don't worry 'bout snappy remarks by some of the OtBB irregulars. Everyone's talkin' 'boutcha!
– Dean

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