It was just a matter of time…

Saturday, December 04, 2010

It was just a matter of time…

...before a representative of Fast Food Nation attempted to establish an outpost (beach­head?) in West­hampton Beach.

The hot skinny along the B2 District is that the 11th franchise in the burgeoning Atomic Wings empire will be opening early in the new year at the former location of Chicken on the Run, most recently Johnny Chih's.

The good news is that prominently featured in their advertising is that their food preparation is "trans fat free."

Under the heading of The Jury's Still Out, one of the beverages featured at all their locations is controversial energy drink Red Bull which we used to joke about being at the low end of the amphetamine spectrum... until last year when it was discovered to contain trace amounts of cocaine, and sales went through the roof.

(See also: More cocaine traces….)

The Austrian manufacturer now asserts that their popular potable is "cocaine-free."

OtBB, for one, is pleased to see something new opening in the Village which isn't a dupli­cation of an existing business.


1. EastEnd68 said...

Great News!!! Hope George gets it open soon.

2. Michael Jacobs said...

Oh joy!!! Atomic Wings and I go back to a period of my ill-spent youth (actually more like my ill-spent middle age) in NY. My company sponsored a softball team that played on the fields of the Great Lawn in Central Park. My team, my ball... so I got to play first base. The games were serious affairs with other corporate teams and the rivalries spanned the years. A hard slide could lead to shoves... and shoves could lead to a bench-clearer. But all that was left on the field 'cause the end of the game marked a trek across the Park, over to the East Side and an Atomic Wings outpost in a local bar (sorry... it was a while ago and the name of the bar escapes me). The wings were awesome and the pitchers of beer were cold and bottomless. At that time the options were "mild," "medium" and "atomic." A mix of mild and medium were all most people could take... but there was a side of the "atomic" sauce for those who dared. I can't imagine what "suicidal" could be like. The celery sticks were fresh and the blue cheese dressing was chunky. I can still conjure up the taste... or is that the wings repeating on me???

I salivate in anticipation.

3. Nutbeem said...

What? A new business that isn't a realtor? Is something wrong?


4. Gordie Howe said...

Is it kosher?


I'd think that you'd know better than I.

5. Jerry Steiner said...

LOL... You boyz are just precious... Spicy's. Chicken Bone Tuesday: buy one 10-pack, get the second 1/2 price. Deep-fried, fresh... none of that frozen garbage. No trans fat? Why bother! There is love in that fat. Just go out in a blaze of glory!

Happy holidays to all my brethren South of the river and through the woods.

Feel the love... ice cold beer... Jerry

My son-in-law had some Spicy's wings four years ago, and has been talking about them ever since! Actually sent him some of Spicy's sauce to British Columbia for Christmas two years ago, and when he was here earlier this Fall, he never missed a Tuesday!

There's also a Spicy's in Bellpuerto that's convenient for Mrs. Speir to make a pick-up on her way home from the city... I just call ahead and make the order.

6. EastEnd68 said...

Atomic Wings is not kosher – I E-mailed and asked them.

What could they be thinking? With the E³A lechis blanketing the Western Hamptons like the 1st Panzers took Poland in 1939, and divisions of Hasidim right behind, Atomic Wings is doomed, DOOMED!, I tell you!

7. Seeker said...

I have it on expert authority that the place to go for barbecue in Riverhead is Maple Tree BBQ & Deli, 820 West Main.

Perhaps, but note that on that linked page, Spicy's has the only Five Star rating of all!

I think we need to consult with Br'er Steiner on this... lemme dig out my tranquilizer gun! Man not only knows the area, but has a firm conviction about everything Riverhead-related.

8. Scarlett said...

Spicy's is THE BEST!!!

My son-in-law, Martyn-the-Meek-who-inherited-my-daughter, concurs!

9. Paramarine said...

I have it on expert authority that there is no good BBQ North of the North Carolina border, and anything that calls itself BBQ in that domain can only be, at best, good enough to hold you over until you get back to the good stuff.

Vice-versa for bagels, pizza, deli sandwiches, etc.

I hear ya! I spent one December weekend in 1969 eating BBQ sandwiches with both hands at a motel in Virginia Beach (close enough to the Caolinas!) while my ol' college roommate and I visited with his Dad in the VA hospital there. It was revelatory... I'd been in 44 of the existing 48 before I was 12 years old and never experienced anything that good!

But then if there was anything I learned as a peripatetic Army brat, the name of a dish may be the same, but it's a different item depending on what part of the USA one is in. (At any soda fountain West of Pennsylvania, my Mom would have to explain the simple steps to create a "Broadway.")

Sandwiches? Back then each part of the country had its own notion of what a "hero" was... if they ever understood what one was asking for! Hoagie, grinder, torpedo, po' boy, submarine... a growing boy could faint from starvation trying to figure out how to order.

10. Tugboat Bertha said...

OMG Speir, you gave me my laugh for today where you write: "A growing boy could faint from starvation trying to figure out how to order."

We strive to amuse, even entertain, while we inform. Thank you.

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