Why does this not surprise?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why does this not surprise?

Headline on American Thinker.com:

Massive Voter Fraud Found in Close NY-1 Race

Yes, the source must always be considered, and in this instance it's a "daily conservative Internet publication," #1, and, #2, "massive" may be a bit of an overstatement.

If, however, illegal ballots determine the Con­gressional race between Democratic incumbent Tim Bishop and GOP challenger Randy Alt­schuler, "massive" would not begin to be le mot juste.

At issue, according to the originating report published Monday by Fox News...

(Not to worry, the cries of "Right Wing conspiracy!" are already sounding.)

...are a number of voters who have felon­iously cast ballots both from residences they own in Manhattan as well as second homes throughout the First Con­gressional District... which, of course, includes all of the Hamptons.


Where have we heard something like this in the not-so-distant past?

O, that's right... right here in 2.9 square mile Westhampton Beach, in the Village elections of 2007, and again in 2008 and 2009.

The first time out was when I lost a Trustee seat by six votes, but could only establish that five people had cast ballots illegally, and dropped a potential challenge that probably would not have affected that result, but might have given other ne'er do wells pause the following election when John Roland lost by two (2!) votes to incumbent Jim Kametler.

(Three of those ineligible 2007 voters had returned with a fourth ineligible voter the following year! Imagine for a moment how the current Police Department disci­plinary problems might have been handl­ed without Kametler there to provide Trustees Joan Levan and Hank Tucker with their obstructionist majority! The word "current" would not be operative.)

It's become all-too apparent over the past three years that the Board of Elections is an even bigger repository of patronage hacks than either Off Track Betting or the Public Service Commission.

Formal complaints/Challenges to registrations were lodged, and not only never acted upon, they weren't even acknowledged.

It's too bad... a little action from thems who are entrusted with the integrity of the election process, could not only have cleaned up the "registration confusion" (OtBB is being un­characteristically courteous here) in West­hampton Beach, but might well have headed off any disorder and uncertainty about the current Bishop/Alt­schuler race.

It doesn't have the import of Bush/Gore and Florida, but it's a biggie none-the-less! As Conservative blogger John Hayward notes on Human Events:

"Voter fraud remains the easiest crime to perpetrate, even though it should properly be regarded as a form of sedition. There’s no reason for well-heeled Party enthusiasts not vote twice from each of their resi­dences. What’s going to happen to them?"

The answer is likely: nothing!

On the partisan issue...

Most will note the sources cited and linked to are (purposely) identified as "conservative:" Fox, American Thinker and John Hayward.

Purely as a matter of balance, I would have liked to include some citations from the other side of the political spectrum.

But at this posting, none of our garden variety "Liberal" media have addressed this issue... and CNN, MSNBC and The New York Times seem to have avoided reporting this story the same way that Hank Tucker avoids candor.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

Gee Dean, it's like deja vu all over again... are you saying the Board of Elections has yet to do anything about the challenges from three years ago?

Yes, precisely! Nor has the State Board of Elections responded to the Village Clerk's referral from June 2009, though there was a general reply from NYCOM which Trustees Hank Tucker and Joan Levan tried to keep the Village from releasing under a FOIA request. That response pretty much lays out the framework for how those with multiple residences can, and cannot vote.

2. Ray Overton said...

And just as amazingly, Newsday made no mention of this in today's issue either. But you are correct, this issue has existed for many years, even without the issue of absentee ballots. It is not difficult for someone to vote in NYC or Nassau County and then come East to vote again in the area of their second homes. Quite honestly, there were many unsubstantiated reports in 2000 of snowbirds delaying their migration south until they voted early in the Northeast on election day, hopping a flight to FL for the Winter and voting again later that day in their secondary residence. Solution is simple, if people are registered in two districts simultaneously, their absentee ballots should be disqualified. If someone is found to have actually voted twice on that day, they should be prosecuted. From my understanding this is a felony and could prevent them from ever voting again in the future. This would be a just punishment for the offense.

What would you expect from Newsday, Ray? Especially since no one wants to give Fox News props for beating them on a story!

Yes, "double voting" is a felony, but don't look for anyone to be prosecuted by any elected official!

3. Hampton West said...

I guess all those "massive" Manhattan/Hamptons double voters were Democrats. Oh, except for the one person I know in my neighborhood who lives in The Bronx but votes here; he voted for Randy.

The key question is, how many voting residences does he have, and did he vote in The Bronx as well?

4. Michael Jacobs said...

Kinda harkens back to those good old days of yesteryear... and thisteryear... in Chicago politics: "Vote early... and vote often."

As in "Chicago, where the dead vote?"

Even get a chance to watch "The Great McGinty," do so... one of Preston Sturges' best!

5. Hampton West said...

He says he did not. He votes only on the East End. But Dean, how many can there be? Also add in the fact that if you rent in NYC, and you are rent stabilized, you are at risk of losing that stabilization by voting out East. And don't think NYC landlords don't investigate; Tishman Speyer, former owners of Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village, sent an investigator out to your old 'hood to ask my neighbors how often they see me at my house. The number cannot be massive, but, with an election like this, 200 votes is a lot.

I tried to make the point that "massive" was hyperbolic... did you miss that?

I think when it comes to what one considers their voting franchise, risks are often taken without a great deal of thought.

6. Brad Berthold said...

People from Nassau or the City voting there and at their Summer homes has been a problem for decades.

So, how many Republicans did what they hysterically trumpet those nasty Dems did?

Let's try and find out.

For Rethuglicans, in complete disregard of Florida and Ohio history, to bleat about "voter fraud" is a pathetic joke.

O, Bradley, suck it up and get on with your life! This isn't a partisan issue, so save that crap for the next time we break bread together and I'll explain it to you.

7. Jeanne Speir said...

Glad it's over. So much for FOX News and their over the top smear campaigns of misinformation.

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