Magic's Last Call?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Magic's Last Call?

Information from a well-placed source is that while Magic's Pub is still trying to remain open, today will be the last day of operation.

That is, at least until the situation can be resolved in the establishment's favor.

A 111-113 Main Street source discloses:

"If the place does have to close, Staff will be getting two week's 'bonus' (as opposed to 'salary' which might interfere with unem­ployment benefits)."

A source familiar with Alcoholic Beverage Control regulations and policies as adminis­tered by the New York State Liquor Authority, notes:

"Legally, it is possible to stay open for four months during the review/litigation pro­cess. However, local law enforcement is not always aware of that and management doesn't want to place any of its bartenders at risk of arrest."

Not the best choice of Christmas presents.

Are ya running with us, Allan?


1. Allan S. said...

Yup… no darts tomorrow either. There aren't enough pubs left open to support the teams that want to play. It's getting mighty tough to get a beverage in this Village. :>)

As I said... this'll soon be a "dry town." The WCTU lives!

2. Paul H said...

Can't believe Magic's has closed. Spent many a fun Summer night there through the '80s and into the '90s.

Whippersnapper! I was playing epic games of Liar's Poker in The Artful Dodger in the late '60s, and closing Shotwell's Pump/Magic's Pub well after that!

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