Rumor Control

Monday, November 29, 2010

Rumor Control

Updated 11/29/2010 – 10:57 pm

The hot topic around Westhampton Beach over the past 24 hours involves Magic's Pub and The Artful Dodger, two Main Street retail liquor establishments near and dear to my heart in the mid- and late-'70s.

It began with an OtBB regular last night:

"Heard a rumor that Magic's was denied a liquor liscense{sic}???"

This was news to me, but then I don't crawl in the same circles I once did and so wouldn't have my finger of that particular pulse.

Still, it was the "talk" of the Village this morn­ing, and where there's smoke, sometimes there's actually smoldering embers.

The most authoritative source with whom OtBB is in contact reports:

"Magic's liquor license renewal has been denied, with just a few days notice. Throughout the renewal process the licensee had been assured "everything will be fine, just send in the paperwork."

However, the day before Thanksgiving the New York State Liquor Authority declared that they would not be renewing the license."

Since there have apparently been no major complaints from the Village, it's likely that the cloud is hanging over the licensee, rather than the actual premises, from his legal problems over the past two years.

(A check of the SLA site reveals that Magic's license expired "10/31/2010" and has not yet been renewed.)

So the rumor that Magic's is out of business forever is at best premature.


1. Allan S. said...

I think you can add a couple of logs to those embers. :>)

Well, lemme ask you this, Allan... do you have more complete or authoritative information than what's included above?

2. Hambone said...

Is this in anyways connected with their very short closure over the Sumer that was attributed to "lack of insurance?" Seems to me no but just asking.

As is far too commonplace with you, instead of "asking," you should be thinking!
– Dean

3. Allan S. said...

The information seems reasonable. Knowing several people who still work there, I don't believe they are looking for jobs for no reason. Not a great Christmas present. :>(

I'm not sure any of this is in conflict with what I've reported here, Allan.

Magic's Pub is currently closed, and I doubt any who have been employed there are being kept on salary, so it would be prudent to seek other employment, never mind what time of year it might be.

However, I don't foresee that the premises will be dark, or dry, forever... do you?
– Dean

4. EastEnd68 said...

If the license expired on 10/31/10 why is this news just coming out now? Was Magic's closed all of November? Hopefully a new owner can transfer that license – Main Street needs Magic's.

Obviously there was an informal expension afforded the establishment while a final determination was under consideration.

You're right! Downtown Westhampton Beach needs Magic's Pub.

5. Jerry Steiner said...

Greetings from up North, boyz. Hope you are all doing well this holiday season.

Another dilemma you folks are having. Well I'll just contact my friends at Casa Rica Restaurant and Sports Bar. Temporarily closed... something about stabbings, fights, drugs. If you fine folks are lucky maybe they can workout a deal at Magic's gin joint.

Feel the love... ice cold beer.... Jerry

Ah, the master of the rhythmic irrelevant, as always, Jerry.

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