Need extra income…

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Need extra income…

...for the holidays? Westhampton Beach Waldbaum's is adver­tising for a "Part-time Floral Clerk."

(Never mind "the holidays" part... in this economy, how 'bout just "need a job?")

Partial job description:

"...responsible for working closely with the Store Manager, Co-Managers, Assistant Store Managers, and Floral/Produce Manager to receive product, prepares, prices, arranges and packages floral arrangements according to customer, seasonal and department requirements."

(Don't know about the underlings, but the Store Manager herself is a nice gal who's worked wonders with what has been a problem store to the extent that she probably deserves Hazardous Duty Pay.)

Okay, so whoever wrote the description prob­ably never made it out of high school, but the job itself seems a promising opportunity for the right individual.

I mean, what could be more soothing and ful­filling than working with plants and flowers?

(And in a couple of weeks, either Randy Altschuler or Tim Bishop is going to need something soothing to do, and finger-painting in a room with green walls isn't a paid position.)

And if the position of "Floral Clerk" holds no appeal, the same location is also advertising for a Night Stock/Packout Clerk.


1. Carrie said...

Thanks as always for the info - just a few hours ago I was looking at the arrangements in Waldbaum's and wondering who put them together....

That's a bit ambiguous... care to venture an opinion?

2. Tugboat Bertha said...

The nice woman who was manager of Waldbaum's has moved to another store elsewhere and there is now a male manager whose name escapes me... and I can't put a face to him either. ~~ Sophie's on sick leave but she is on the mend and we will welcome her back. Waldbaum's is a great place to work and the benefit package if you work full time is outstanding from all reports.

Aw, rats! She was terrific! I hope she got a battle ribbon for enduring the Levan Legion the past several years.

3. Carrie said...

Pleasantly surprised at the quality of some of the bouquets. I keep missing C P Direct's open hours, so Waldbaum's is my back up.

4. Beth Flanagan said...

You know, there are a couple very nice flower shops in the area where one can purchase reasonable flowers that have not been cookie-cutter shipped through the corporate machinery (i.e., fresh). Plus the personal touch of a local professional. Once you've done that, there's no going back to buying orange and green colored mums with fern.

(Full disclosure: I'm still no fan of Waldbaum's.)

I I'd've been shocked if you were!

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