November Trustees Work Session

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November Trustees Work Session

Updated 11/18/2010 – 11:33 am

It was, in short, the longest Village Board Work Session in recent memory, dominated by an often lively discussion of the recommenda­tions handed up by planning consultant Kyle Collins on behalf of the Sign Committee.

Not surprisingly, the main portion of the dis­cussion involved the style and content of 12" X 18" real estate "for sale" signage.

It stems from the fact that the "real estate in­dustry" has become the dominant one in West­hampton Beach, and increasingly competitive.

The core of contention is essentially a philo­sophical one: should a "for sale" sign be there for the benefit of the property owner, or should it be a "billboard" for the brokerage or individ­ual who has the listing.

The answer seems clear, but consider the make-up of the Village Board, and there will doubtless still be arguments.

Another chunk of the discussion involved the proliferation of "Open House" signage, and the attachment of balloons, which devices them­selves are, by Code, signs.

There's still a ways to go before any new Sign Ordinance is adopted.

(Compliments to Deputy Mayor Toni Jo Birk for accomplishing in three months what Trustee Hank Tucker couldn't even get started in four years!)

It was also announced that because of the revised 2010 rate schedule, the Village Beaches had shown a markedly improved "bottom line" over that of pervious years.

There was also an unfocussed discussion of an updated Ethics Law, but not everyone seemed to be on the same page of that subject.

On an entirely new and refreshing topic, noting how popular the ice skating pond in Quogue has become, the Board is exploring installing a seasonal ice skating rink on the North side of the Municipal Marina in an effort to provide another source of activity for Village youth.

While it will initially be limited to 50' by 100' and will lack the Currier and Ives quality we had 60 years ago on Cranberry Marsh... which doesn't reliably freeze over any more... it's an eminently doable and affordable project, and the Board seems ready to move forward.

By evening's end, no new appointments had been made, or more retirements announced.

Trustee Joan Levan was inconspicuous by her absence.


1. Seeker said...

In her cups no doubt....

Ooooooohhhhh... velvet paws, kitty!

While I have no information on that particular situation, if you're correct, at least this time around she had the good graces to stay away.
– Dean

2. EastEnd68 said...

That last comment implies that Joan came to a meeting not completely sober. Am I reading that correctly.

I note the lack of a question mark, so I'll just let you read it however you prefer.

3. Seeker said...

Two consumables tend to noticeably ooze from people's pores: garlic and alcohol - and it ain't garlic emanating from the Empress at Village meetings....

Couldn't say... never sit on the dias, #1, and, #2, we don't socialize.

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