Nickeled & dimed to death

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nickeled & dimed to death

Some refer to it as "creeping normalcy," or "death by a thousand cuts" after the slow slic­ing torture once used by the Chinese.

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I call it "nickeling & diming," and I so hate it I just dumped my dermatologist be­cause it became his business model.

I'd make an appointment to have five or six minor things looked at, he'd do three and assure me he's look at the others the next time around. Every appointment, same thing, and with gasoline back over $3/gallon, that far East of the Canal, sayonara doc!

(Yeah, I know... in this heathcare climate, with medical practitioners having to accept the assign­ments from Medicare and private insurers, it's hard­er to maintain the standard of living they desire.)

But I still object to the practice, and I note with extreme displeasure that my LPG provider is up to it as well.

I received slightly less volume of gas this most recent delivery, and my bill was more even though the "unit price" had remained un­changed at $6.6090/gallon.

A line-by-line comparison of the current in­voice against the previous one, and found that the "Regulatory Compliance Charge" had gone from $3.97 to $4.98, an increase of 25%.

But then there was a new line item: "Fuel Sur­charge Taxable" of $3.00.

So for slightly less volume of LPG at the same rate, the cost of my fill had gone up over 2%.

Now I don't know who's getting that extra money, but I'm the one paying it, and it's nickeling and diming all of us.


1. Carrie said...

I have no patience for "up selling" at the dentist office - whitening is only one of the many unnecessary and expensive cosmetic procedures the hygienist would try to talk me into... until I found a new dentist!

Don't know it my that term, but back in my retail days un the late '50s, we were taught about "add-on sales" and "trading up." A good salesman will always attempt that, and I don't equate those practices with "nickeling and diming."

2. Carrie said...

Not nickel & diming, but another thing doctors do to make more money.

Yes, "another thing," but different.
– Dean

3. Hunt Marckwald said...

I spent the Summer months paying LIPA for air conditioning the office and paying National Grid $29 per month (minimum charge) for gas that I didn't use! Talk about a rip off!

Everyone has choices, Hunt.

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