More than we wanted to know…

Saturday, November 13, 2010

More than we wanted to know…

...or really needed to know! Google Alerts alert­ed me to this bit of fluff, likely because it con­tained the keywords "Westhampton Beach."

Rabbi Marc Schneier Complete Biography

Well, the promise of the full skinny about the Rabbi was too great a temptation, so the link was followed.

Almost immediately one of the heading words was revealed to be, um, inaccurate, for that biography was far from "complete."

(I mean, where was any of the hot stuff about grousing in the goodie with Gitty?)

And then I uncovered the second inaccuracy misrepresentation, and it's really sad when one thinks about it a bit:

Terming it a "biography?" I don't think so!

In point of fact it's not only an autobiography, but clicking on the Contact button reveals that Rabbi Schneier submitted the release to that (free) site himself.

(PR Log describes itself as a "Free Press Release Distribution Service.")

Lo, how the mighty have descended!


1. Jeanne Speir said...

Oh good grief....

2. Hampton West said...

The Rabbi has no credibility!

I suppose next he'll claim he can walk on water - whoops - wrong guy!

But they love him at Hampton Synagogue, HW.

3. Eliza Doolittle said...

Perhaps he'll offer a reading from the Good Book this Saturday when he plays host to the ecumenical Thanksgiving service that is being held this year at the Synagogue this coming Saturday evening.

Cheeky devil, isn't he?!

I think it'll take more than that to rehabilitate himself in the eyes of many here.

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