An Old Name Anew...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

An Old Name Anew...

Bill Pell

One of the leading voter-getters of those who weren't successful in the 2005 race for South­ampton Town Trustee, was bayman Bill Pell who wound up on the Independence line this time around, to challenge the GOP slate and the Democrats' sole candidate, Janet Beck.

Pell's sound-bite:

"Actually, I'm running against one Republi­can in particular, Brian Tymann. He's arro­gant, inexperienced, and I don't like the way that he and his buddy Marc Stinchi play the game. And, apparently, neither do a lot of Republicans!"

Pell has refocused his Website and vows to mount an aggressive campaign during the last four weeks of the election.


1. Tony Jo Berk said...

Very interesting, I'll surely be checking Mr. Pell's web page.

2. Brian Tymann said...

Huh???? Bill, a (former) friend of mine, posts a blog calling me arrogant and inexperienced? Well, I only came across this because someone forwarded it to me, and I don't play games with political blogs. I'm an extremely qualified candidate. My credentials are on the GOP website, and I am proud of my upbringing, my focus on environmental preservation, my education at Southampton College, and my dedication to being a leader and helping to make Southampton an even better place to live. My background and education speak for themselves - I don't need to call Mr. Pell names to win. The voters are a lot smarter than that. They can tell who is qualified and who isn't. Bill, good luck to you. And this is the last you'll hear of me on a political blog site.

Sniveling? C'mon, Brian, there's no sniveling in politics!

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