But has he?

Saturday, November 06, 2010

But has he?

Page 1 of yesterday's Southampton Press:

Bishop Takes Tight One
Democrat wins by 3,500 votes

Um, not so fast Tim!

First Congressional District voters awoke Wed­nesday morning to the news that Tim Bishop had retained his seat with 92,252 votes to 88,791 votes for Republican-Conservative challenger Randy Altschuler.

And with 460 of 460 Election Districts reporting, Mr. Bis­hops' margin of 3,461 votes looked safe.

By 10:30 pm Friday, with more than 9,900 Absentee Ballots still to be counted, a re-canvas of the new tabulator machines shows Mr. Altschuler having moved into the lead by 392 votes.

This one's not over by a long shot, and even when it is over, there's a good chance one of the candidates will throw it into the courts.

The only safe bet at this point is that the tabu­lator machines will take the blame for this.


1. Ray Overton said...

Dean, what did you do to those machines? Polls were right before the election, this one is CLOSE!!

Not a thing, Ray. But with such a (relatively) h-u-g-e on just the re-canvas, questions are certainly going to be raised. My primary concern now is that no review of Southampton's 14th ED reveals any discrepancies. It shouldn't, but where the hell did all those previously uncounted Altschuler ballots come from?

2. Barbara Ramsay said...

Huge News. Keep us posted!

Of course I will... but I won't have to! This will be National news.

3. Barbara Ramsay said...

I'd much rather hear it from you.


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