Fat Cat Gets Fatter...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fat Cat Gets Fatter...

Incumbent Supervisor Patrick ("Skip, don't call me 'Junior!'") Heaney is not only prepared to make a serious fight for his endangered polit­ical career, but the large number of attendees at his $75-a-plate fundraiser last Saturday evening at the Southampton Elks Club, assured that he'll have as much money in his campaign war-chest as he'll need to make a real battle out of it... and possibly throw the election to Democratic challenger Jim Henry.

Despite the Town GOP's faltering insistence that it would back primary winner and Council member Linda Kabot to the fullest, and their instructions to their Zone leaders and Commit­tee persons to not attend the Heaney "gala," attendees numbered well into the hundreds and included four Zoner leaders and nearly half of the 48 Committee members... and how hard does anyone think any of them are going to work to get the vote out for Mrs. Kabot? Re­cently reelected Chairman Marcus Christopher Stinchi probably hasn't got a big enough whip in his black leather briefcase to keep his entire organization in line!

(In the old days, Marty Lang would have had Kenny Jones out in the parking lot taking names and license plate numbers, and those whose presence in the "enemy mess hall" most aggrieved the Supervis­or, would have all had personal "cattle-prod" 'phone calls by now, reminding them on which side their bread is buttered!)

What's intriguing in all this, with less than four weeks to go until the general election, is that with Mr. Heaney and Mrs. Kabot grappling for the non-Democratic voters and enhancing Mr. Henry's chances (who has already made at least one effective Town-wide strike), Suffolk County Democratic boss Rich Schaffer would dearly love to make some inroads into South­ampton Town.

Two years ago, Southampton was the only Township in all of Suffolk County in which the Republican candidates swept, and at this stage of the 2007 campaign, the savvy Schaffer has almost certainly taken notice of the GOP rift, and is likely prepared to apportion more money for the the Democratic slate... as long as Mr. Henry stays off the front page for the wrong reasons.


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