O, well...

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

O, well...

...the 2010 World Serious sure didn't work out the way I had hoped, so there's some relative­ly minor disappointment on that count.

And now, in the early morning of mid-term Election Day 2010, there is one thing to which I can look forward... no more tele-campaigning calls for another 48 or so weeks!

In the past fortnight, the telephone has rung on a thrice daily basis, and I've listened to everyone from Bill Clinton and Andy Cuomo... there's a parley of creeps... to Carl Paladino and Fred Thiele, Tim Bishop (still touting his votes on Medicare which he still can't explain) and that consummate carpetbagger and political chameleon Randy Altschuler, and even former NFL stalwart Thurman Thomas, pitching a candidacy.

(You know the calls... the 'phone rings, the caller id displays an incomprehen­sible calling number, there's nothing but dead air for the first several seconds, then just when you're about to hang up, the recorded message starts!)

There are some tough choices to make about some of the races... either choice in the 1st CD is awful... but two choices will be easy:

  • Warren Redlich, Libertarian candidate for Governor... but that there were more Libertarian-qualified candidates for public office!
  • Term Limits, which Proposition is stashed away on the back of the ballot!

Mr. Redlich will finish up the track, but, hey!, I'll have said my piece, #1, and, #2, the 'phones will stop ringing and disturbing my late afternoon L&O-accompanied naps.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

Hey, in defense of Bishop -- I don't think ANYONE can explain to Senior Citizens how Medicare works. I'm in the trade and I have a very hard time with it. All I can say is picture health care WITHOUT it.

The lucky ones have a secondary insurance, since that 20% copay is one of the reasons 50% of all bankruptcies in the USA are caused by medical bills.

Hey, in the Phillipines, you can DIE in the waiting room if you don't have cash for your care. So you live if you're rich. THAT is where America is headed, guys.

The tsunami of seniors about to hit the health system needs to be addressed by legislators with a familiarity of the system, not some ass with tired platitudes.

Health care is going to RUIN our country unless we address health care reform seriously. There is so much out there we're this close to fixing -- the electronic medical record alone is going to save TRILLIONS in unnecessary and redundant health costs.

My bet? Hold yer noses if you have to, but keep the guys in office who are there. There are serious goals to accomplish to keep this country solvent. NOW.

This is NOT the time for a hissy-fit ridiculous shut down of government by politicians who won't work together.

Dean darlin', remind me; how much is your son-in-law paying for health insurance in Canada? Didn't he say $100 a MONTH? I pay over twice that, plus my employer pays a big sum, and it would be in the THOUSANDS if I lost my job.

Me? I've got to stick with Bishop.

Not a good race for any thinking person's taste.

2. Hampton West said...

I stopped listening to 1010 WINS radio and 880 WCBS - I can't stand another attack ad.

I stopped answering the phone - Sunday there were 11 political messages on the voicemail! Some were repeats of the same message.

Get any of those fake survry opinion poll calls that were actually political advs.? What an annoyance.

Wrote about those "push polls" last month... sleazy!

3. Tugboat Bertha said...

We got an awful lot of political junk mail but not a single phone call. Could that be because we signed up last year for the DO NOT CALL list?

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