Effective Mailing Piece

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Effective Mailing Piece

Received one of the best Town political mailing pieces within recollection this past weekend.

It originated from the Democratic Supervisor candidate, Jim Henry, and displayed a male Senior with some very defensive body lan­guage and a not very happy expression.

The copy read:

Democratic Mailing Piece

"I feel like I am getting taxed
out of my home thanks to
Skip Heaney & Linda Kabot's
tax reassessment.
Instead of me moving out
of my house, they should have
to move out of Southampton Town Hall.

Aside of the minor diction problem (which might be attributable to which style-book is being used) and the major issue of Mrs. Kabot not going anywhere after this election, it hangs the Reassessment Problem firmly around the neck of the two incumbents Mr. Henry needs to beat next month.

This theme is strongly reinforced on the flip side where Mr. Henry asserts:

The Tax Reassessment:
Skip Heaney created it,
Linda Kabot supported it.
I will work to change it.

Of course, the Democratic candidate has already severely undermined the message contained in one other large copy block on that side of his giant-size post card:

for a change!

Truly "principled" adults don't vandalize opponents' signs, smart ones don't get caught, especially on the lawn of the Town's GOP "mommy!" (And if they really possess "leadership" skills, they'd delegate someone else to do it!)

But the Reassessment issue is a huge one, and the message from the putative "Andy N." on Mr. Henry's mailing piece, certainly strikes home with me, so much so that I'm already headed to court with the SOBs.

One of the most popular Supervisors of the past 40 years, Marty Lang, was torpedoed in his try for a sixth term by Mardythe DiPirro because of the reassessment which occurred on his last watch... and Lang had even gone to court to try to stave it off!

(The people of Southampton Town are not a very forgiving lot.)

So the political campaigns are in full bore mode... I received a 'phone call yesterday morning from some low rent polling outfit (the gal on the line could barely articulate the sole question she needed to pose), wanting to know my preference for Supervisor: Linda Kabot, Skip Heaney, Jim Henry or Alex Gregor.

While I was delighted to see Alex included, and several snappy answers raced through my mind, I settled on the one which will likely surface in the post-Election analyses:

"Anyone but Heaney!"

...I roared. And, tellingly, she seemed quite prepared for it.


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