Another local lad…

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another local lad…

...has thrown his hat in the political ring, albeit across Long Island Sound, standing for Connecticut's State House of Representatives.

"George Whitfield 'Whit' Betts"

Whitfield Betts, twin brother of Bobbi Betts and youngest brother of Associate Village Justice Gair Betts, is the Republican candi­date for the 78th state House District, which encompasses Plymouth and parts of Bristol.

Whit is running against Democrat Richard G. Covello, a retired state police trooper and former two-term mayor of Plymouth.

While it's not included in his curriculum vitae, Whit demonstrated his leadership skills when he succeeded me as Manager of the Artful Dodgers softball team of the late '60s.


1. Frank Wheeler said...

Sounds like a good candidate -- why was he exported to Connecticut?

Appreciate your question with the recent spate of carpet-bagging round these parts.

Sounds like there might've been a girl involved... not to mention her family's business interests. Can't fault him for that!

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