Fat Cat Bulking Up...

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fat Cat Bulking Up...

At the end of a week in which Southampton Town Patrick "Don't Call Me 'Junior'" Heaney is reported to be sitting on a $231,000 campaign war chest while fighting an uphill battle to retain his incumbency for one last hurrah, Skip's holding a pricey ($75/plate) fund-raiser tonight at the Southampton Elks Club.

Was actually invited to fill a seat at a table some friends had taken, but declined on the basis of a brief illness I foresaw arriving late Saturday afternoon.

I guess it would be troublesome to cancel such an event, return supporters' money, and take the hit on the catering venue, but how much money does Mr. Heaney actually require now that Linda Kabot has de-pants'd him in last month's GOP primary, the same day that Alex Gregor narrowly denied him the Independence Party line in November.

That must have been a sweeeeeeeeet moment for Mr. Gregor after his energetic challenge to long-time incumbent Superintendent of High­ways William Masterson in the 2005 General Election. The Southampton Town Democrats, for the fourth straight cycle, having been un­able to field a legitimate... never mind viable... candidate for Supervisor, the Town GOP was able to have Mr. Heaney devote his undivided energies into a genuinely scurrilous and shame­ful radio attack on political tyro Gregor over the last fortnight of the campaign. That's when Skip should have had his pants pulled down, but a last minute decision by Mr. Gregor to try to stay on the "high road" headed off the airing of a strongly worded counter-punch, and Alex subsequently acknowledged that his un­willingness to fight fire with napalm probably cost him the election.

With the rest of the Southampton Town races easily decided in favor of the GOP early on, Gregor was actually ahead of Masterson right up until several late-reporting precincts swung the count in favor of the profusely-perspiring incumbent, and the oxygen-tanks-in-waiting for Messrs. Masterson, Heaney and GOP Chair­man Marcus Christopher Stinchi were returned to the ambulet idling in the Villa Tuscano parking lot.

What was such a big deal about the Highway Depart­ment race? "Because," as Willie Sutton famously said in a not-so-different context, "that's where the money is!"

So, let's see how much money is in South­ampton tonight, and how many of the GOP faithful are willing to out themselves as actual "Heaney faithful."

And while the Southampton Town Republican Website properly acknowledges Mrs. Kabot and Mrs. Graboski as their official 2007 candidates, they are absent from the group photos of the 2007 GOP slate, which include Mr. Heaney and Jim Drew.


1. Matlynn Carville said...

"...his unwillingness to fight fire with napalm probably cost him the election." Sounds like deja vu all over again, Dean. Keeping the high road is a strategic alliance with the Dark Side, if you ask me! Look at what it's costing this little 'burg! As far as Heaney is concerned: Heaney is an experienced political hack, and likely retains the support of those whose names must not be spoken; small town "shadows" in the proverbial smoke-filled back rooms who really make the calls. They require our full attention; fuggedaboud the "official" endorsement.

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