What's <i>your</i> bag?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's your bag?

More importantly, what's it made of?

With a fortnight left before the Republican Primary in New York's 1st Congressional District, to play off a line by author Thomas McGuane, as voters...

"...we are assaulted by carpetbaggers in squadrons."

And I do mean "assaulted!" By mail, by tele­vision and by telephone, by a trio of GOP hope­fuls who've come out of nowhere, and at least two of them are spending money as if they own a couple of oil wells somewhere!

Randy Altschuler, Chris Cox and George Demos have declared open season on one another to see who will stand in the November mid-term elections against Congressman Tim Bishop (D, NY), our House Representative for the past eight years since that one-term Brookhaven hack Felix Grucci was given the ol' heave-ho.

And it's getting nasty, especially between Altschuler and Cox, with each running negative TV spots directed at the other, and focusing on one another's lack of First CD bona fides since neither have lived here very long.

(What's amusing is that while Altschuler and Cox are both claiming Conservative credentials, Demos' campaign character­izes them as "cut from the same Liberal cloth." But then Demos is well to the Right of Cardinal Richelieu.)

For my part, I don't know any of these guy, though Cox claims his residency is just down Seafield Lane from me on the Cox/Finch compound.

(Knew and admired both of his paternal grandparents, however, and occasionally crewed for George Carmany with his uncle Howdie over half-a-century ago.)

But looking at the various claims and denun­ciations offered by the three surviving GOP Primary hopefuls... there were six... they all appear to have major problems with their candidacies.

A sampling:

Demos, however, is authentically local, from Brookhaven out of Shelter Island, while neither Altschuler nor Cox can make such a claim.

And while Cox can at least make a case that the area is his ancestral home2, both men are indisputably carpetbaggers.

Altschuler also charges that Cox is "not one of us, the mailed version of which reads:"

"Chris Cox stays at his uncle's Southeast Hamptons Estate on Seafield Lane in West Hampton{sic} Beach, New York."

(Uh... wha-at?)

This gives rise to the suspicion that the copy­writing for that particular mailer was just one more job Altschuler outsourced to India.

Bringing it home...

Altschuler I don't much care about... he's a one time Green Party member who arrived here from New Jersey after failing to garner GOP support for a Congressional run there... and looking remarkably Liberal while doing it.

I'm more interested in Cox.

Back in the late '90s we elected an actual local guy, Republican3 Michael Forbes, to represent us in Congress... yes, he was a weenie, but he was our weenie.

Cox is a weenie as well, but I've never seen him around, nor as he claims, has he ever voted here4, so he has no shot at claiming to be "one of our own."

Nor is he doing anything for our economy with the large amount of literature he's mailing us... none of the local printers are getting any of his campaign business.

(And while some of the footage in Cox's TV spots was shot by a local business, they are being produced out of state.)

The telling point for me came last week when the Cox campaign contacted me by 'phone and asked if they could mount one of his campaign signs in my yard. I conditionally agreed.

"The candidate must deliver it himself and personally place it on my lawn."

The campaign worker was dubious, and was trying to find a way to explain why that was not a reasonable condition.

I cut him short.

"This will be 'light-lifting' for Mr. Cox. Next time he leaves his house and drives up Seafield Lane, keep coming straight across Main Street and into my driveway."

After a moment's confusion, the fellow at the other end of the line cracked up.

"I'll pass the word along and you'll probably be hearing from him."

That was last Thursday... haven't seen him or anyone from his campaign.

I bow to few in my dislike for, and distrust of, the incumbent, his "poli-speak," and his obei­sance to all things Pelosi.

But the campaigns, and campaigners, leading up to the GOP Primary make one think that Mr. Bishop has a safer run for a fifth term than even he might've imagined.

  1. In Cox's defense, is well-established that one can learn much about anatomy from conducting post mortems.
  2. It would help a bit if he could come up with a photo of himself as a youngster watching one of the croquet matches on a weekend morning on the Cox estate.
  3. Six months into a third term, Forbes bolt­ed for the Democratic Party after House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt and Presi­dent Bill Clinton blew kisses at him.
  4. From observation while serving the Board of Elections in the 14th.


1. Lulubelle1956 said...

Christopher Nixon Cox is the only son of Edward and Patricia Nixon Cox -- his father is head of NYS Republican Committee. Was a co-founder of a financial advisory company that does business transactions in Middle East and Eastern Asia. Backed Bush, McCain, Dole and has Kissinger backing him. See cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/ No idea when he allegedly moved to Westhampton Beach as according to one report, he spends his time traveling in other countries doing business deals:

"Cox has travelled internationally and met with political leaders around the world including in the countries of the United Kingdom, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Singapore, China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan."
(link) Obviously, he has made enough money to blanket Westhampton Beach with mailings though.
Someone's just unlocked the mysteries of Google and Yahoo search, we see.
– Dean

2. Lulubelle1956 said...

PS: Chris Cox changed his voter registration from the Upper East Side Manhattan to Suffolk in January 2010 in order to challenge Bishop (link).

Golly, LuluBelle... nothing escapes your watchful gaze, does it?

Well, almost nothing... you missed the stuff about his big engagement bash in Southampton last Saturday to 20-year-old Gristedes heiress Andrea Catsimatidis.

But just to save you some trouble in the future, ask yourself why I might have used the term "carpetbagger?"
– Dean

3. Lulubelle1956 said...

Thought the term 'carpetbagger' required some explanation as it is such a "weenie" descriptive term. You are most welcome.

Perhaps you failed to notice the link to Dictionary.com under "Resources" in the right sidebar... several OtBB readers have said that they find it helpful when I throw in a word they don't know.
– Dean

4. Lulubelle1956 said...

Thank you so much! Hope you find the additional resources of assistance too! One good turn deserves another. Am always interested in sharing information that is out there to the fullest extent.

5. Tugboat Bertha said...

Any candidate who clutters my mailbox with junk day after day after week after month will never get my vote.

Two more pieces in yesterday's mail... including one with a photo of him in blue jeans that are obviously borrowed for the photo shoot from someone with much longer legs... and a 'phone call this noon from some campaign worker somewhere who spoke about "our Village" but couldn't identify Westhampton Beach by name.

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