Taxes on the way up...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Taxes on the way up...

...with the passage, 299 "Yes" to 224 "No," of the $7.8 million bond for construction of an entire new library facility... or in the language of the WFL's own announcement:

" authorize to undertake the financing of construction/im­prove­ment to the Library facility not to exceed $7,827,820."


1. Tugboat Bertha said...

Thanks for the vote count. It was interesting to see how many were opposed--nearly as many as were for it. But, unfortunately, a miss is as good as a mile. Forgive the cliché.

It wasn't really close at all. "Close" is when the Absentee Ballots could affect the results of the machine vote, and that wasn't the case.
The proponents did a good job of selling their project.

2. Jackie said...

And I couldn't be happier (insert smug smile here).

Of course you're happy… your entire social frame-work will improve exponentially two years from now.
That is if you don't melt down in the temporary quarters until then.
I can't help wondering if you even pay Property Taxes, though.

3. Terry said...

I wonder if this Jackie is the same one that is an employee of the WFL?

Doesn't really matter… she was only one vote, and the Bond approval passed by a lot more than that.

4. Matlynn Carville said...

Let's hope the above "Jackie" continues to enjoy smiling smugly while in the intimate company of screeching toddlers, flatulent seniors and rude young adults jostling for a position near a PC for, oh, the next couple of years in a trailer "somewhere." The beautiful, historic, irreplaceable old library is to be trashed. What a waste! As Joni Mitchell said, "You've paved Paradise to put in a parking lot." Good work, jerks.

Now now! Let's not call names.
Although the Bond passed handily, I don't know one person (aside from "Jackie," Lynn Cuthbert Jones and the Joan 'n' Hank claque) who voted for it… so we have a relatively new voter demographic in the area to consider.

5. Jackie said...

Well since I'm relatively young, I don't mind waiting two years. A little discomfort in the name of progression is worth it to me. Anyhow, I understand that some people love the current building. I love the building too, with all of its charming inadequcies (althought I think paradise is a little bit overkill Ms. C.) However, the current library isn't properly serving the needs of the community, and it seems ignorant to want to keep it alive just for its "quaintness" and charm. Anyhow, this is the last you all will here{sic} of me. This argument is going to continue to go nowhere. Goodbye, and thanks for keeping it civil, Dean.

I haven't heard a single person speak to the "quaintness" issue until now. My dear sister, for instance, is outraged at the prospects of losing "the best yoga room on Long Island!"

6. Tony Joe Berk said...

With the Library disapearing for the next two years (at least) I hope I don't become too accustomed to patronizing the competition (i.e., Riverhead and Center Moriches).

Well, that would be on you, TJB, not WFL. They will be attempting to maintain operations out of a temporary facility, and just how that will work out is an open question.

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